7 ways to spend comfortable autumn using yin yang

7 ways to live confortable "autumn" with yin and yang
This is the 4th part of the series “7 ways to spend comfortably using yin yang”, autumn.


There are many things in contrast.

For example,

Man and woman

Sun and moon

Night and day

Right and left

Live and death, etc…


These contrasts are considers as dark and light, called yin yang (and yang is to the left and yin is to the right in the diagram above). What is most important is the balance of yin and yang, and it is the old wisdom of the Orient that we can live calmly and healthy by being aware of yin yang.

I will tell you 7 ways to live comfortably in autumn by being conscious of yin yang.


 7 ways to spend comfortable autumn using yin yang


Let’s talk about “autumn”. In the Chinese doctrine of the Five Elements, there are 5 seasons: spring, summer, late summer, autumn, and winter. So here, I will talk about both late summer and autumn.


First of all, let’s talk about late summer. You may not be familiar with this word; it’s in between summer and autumn. Or in other words, it is from the end of summer until beginning of autumn.

The energy of the late summer is “a descent” energy.

The energy rises in spring, spreads in summer, and starts to descend in late summer.

It is because of this descending energy that you feel somewhat sentimental. Yin and yang switch in late summer.

And in autumn, the energy condensates. It is as though your body shrinks as it gets cold.


1. Eat seasonal foods

-Late summer: It is the time to replace yin and yang, and easy to lose the balance of body. Eat good balanced foods (round shaped or with natural sweetness).

 ①grains: millet, glutinous rice

②round shaped vegetables: cabbage, onion, pumpkin

③fruits: peach, apricot, plum

 -Autumn: Start eating positive foods, as the nature starts to lean toward negative

 ①root crops and vegetables: root crops (carrot, lotus root, daikon radish), vegetables with dark green leaves (carrot, daikon radish)

②brown rice, rice cake (block of pounded rice)


2. Eat in the way along with yin yang of the seasons

-Late summer: Quit eating summer vegetables when it starts to get cool. Summer vegetables are to the extreme negative, so suitable for eating in summer, but not necessary in other seasons.

Avoid raw salads, which cool down your body, and switch to dishes using positive energy (fire).

 -Autumn: The season is moving to negative, so put in a little extra salt and oil to make rich flavors. Tastes get close to typical dishes of winter, such as stew.

 Also by using a little amount of spicy ingredients (negative), such as grated ginger or daikon radish, you can avoid the accumulation of positive energy in your body.

When using oil, use high quality products. Oil keeps heat within your body, and if that oil is not good, your body would hold bad things. So be careful.


3. Take a deep breath

When the summer ends and the autumn comes, the air starts to get dry. Function of your lungs cannot keep up with the change of the nature.

The air in the summer is with too much humid, but it suddenly loses moisture in autumn. It can cause allergy and dry coughs, so strengthen your lungs habitually.

 To take a deep breath is effective.

Take slow, deep breaths in bathroom everyday. Make it a habit to inhale moisture and train your lungs. It is a preparation for dry winter.


4. Make yourself feel calm

The summer is filled with cheerful energy.

But if you keep going out at the same pace, you will be left behind from the changes of nature. 

When it starts to get chilly, try to calm your mind. Start bringing your outward energy inside.

It is said that “the autumn is the best season for arts and reading”, you can bring your energy inward by experiencing arts or reading.


5. Introduce massage to your life

Dry air of the autumn has a great effect on your skin. Especially women take maximum care to their skin. In this season, introduce oil massage to your daily life.

 It will smooth your skin and improves circulation of the blood, and saves your skin condition from a difference of temperature.

Recommended oils for your body are sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, popular for everybody. Argan oil and rosehip oil are good for beauty and recommended to use for face. A drop of an essential oil adds an aromatic effect and you can refresh.


6. Make an early habit

It is OK to stay up late in summer. Because the energy is spreading with long days and the nature is filled with cheerful atmosphere, you don’t feel much fatigue even if you stay up late. But in autumn, the cheerfulness gradually decreases, so staying up late will cause poor condition to your health and mind.

 As the daytime becomes shorter, make a habit of early to bed and early to rise. You will feel comfortable in coming winter.


7. Start writing a diary

Some of you like to start new things in the beginning of the year, while some like to start in April. It is up to you, but it is good for your balance of emotions to start an inward habit before autumn (inward season). If you have an energy you want to let off, or an unbearable emotion from summer, release it in your diary. Keep the balance of yin yang by writing them out, and not store in your body. The time to calmly look back yourself is the important basis to adapt to winter with strong mind.

 There are some diaries starting from October, maybe that’s because October is the good time to start seeing yourself.


This is the last story of yin yang series. Did you like it?

I’m happy if I can give you any single tip you can use.



7 ways to spend comfortable autumn using yin yang

1. Eat seasonal foods

2. Eat in the way along with yin yang of the seasons

3. Take a deep breath

4. Make yourself feel calm

5. Introduce massage to your life

6. Make an early habit

7. Start writing a diary


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