7 tips to spend summer comfortably by using yin & yang

 7 tips to spend summer comfortably by using yin & yang
7 tips to spend summer comfortably by taking advantage of yin and yang

Tips to live comfortably Vol.3.
We will focus on the summer in this article.

Everything that exists in this world is contrary to something. For example, there are men and women, the sun and moon, morning and night, stillness and movement, and life and death. These are considered as yin and yang. (Yang is represented on the left of the picture above and yin on the right.) It is important to keep this balance in order to live in peace and harmony. This theory is the concept in Oriental Medicine.
In order to spend your summer comfortably, here are 7 tips by using yin and yang.

 7 tips to spend summer comfortably by using yin & yang

The summer is the most yang time in the yin and yang theory. This means that in summer time, you can get good balance between yin and yang by being aware of yin.

1. Eat yin foods

The important thing in the yin and yang theory is to keep balance. So during the most yang time, you can eat yin foods in order to get good balance.

Yin foods are as followed:
① Leaf vegetables (lettuce, Japanese mustard spinach,), peas(green pea, podded pea)
② Sea food (octopus, squid, eel)
③ Watermelon, melon, strawberry, berry fruit

The yin foods can be soft, juicy and foods that are easily spoiled.

2. Use cooking methods for the most yang time

Summer energy is “extension”. The energy rises in spring and then is extended in summer.
For instance, have you felt like having lots of fun or letting your hair down before your summer holiday? This is caused by the summer energy.
By the way, you should enjoy your summer as much as you can, otherwise you will feel unsatisfied in autumn.
Anyway, a good cooking method for summer is cooking without fire. This is because yang, in other words fire energy is spread in nature, so you should not add some more yang elements. So, stir-fly is one of good methods.
Also, it is necessary to keep the heat out as we tend to keep the heat inside of our body.

① Use a little bit of spice
② Eat some pickled plums and seaweed boiled down in soy sauce in order to replenish mineral after sweating
③ Eat foods that help you cool down, such as tomatoes, egg plants, tofu

The important point here is that you should not eat cold food in the fridge. When you eat yin foods, eat them at room temperature.

3. Have fun as much as you can

Do you think this is a bit tip?
As mentioned above, the summer is the season that energy is spread as well as you want to let your hair down. The energy of feelings and goals is saved in winter, rises in spring and then is extended in summer.
Try to use all energy you have. You can let your hair down, even bother someone or have one summer love.

Fireworks festivals, summer festivals, BBQ, sea bathing, etc.
You can enjoy outdoor activities during the summer. If you don’t have fun as much as you can, you might feel melancholy when autumn comes.
Autumn melancholy might have been caused by this.

4. Do exercises

It is not good to keep your cool with air conditioning and stay there the whole day.
You will be haunted by an evil spirit if you feel chilly as sweat glands open up in summer to maintain your body temperature.
Also, energy is stored in your body during the summer. So it is good to do exercises to release your energy as sweat. It is effective to exercise in early morning or evening rather than during daytime.

After sweating, do not forget to replenish mineral such as seaweed and acidic foods (pickled plums, lemon).

5. Get up early

You will miss sunbathing if you stay up and enjoy summer night. Summer is the only season you can have fun at night, but don’t stay up too late.

Your heart functions actively in summer. Your heart is directly connected with your mind, so you will have symptoms of palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, frustration if you feel sick due to lack of sleep.
Just do not have fun as long as possible. Have enough sleep and wake up refreshed.
The important thing is that you need to have a balanced lifestyle especially in summer.

6. Stay positive

You may feel positive in summer as the summer is the most yang time. However, summer in Japan is hot and sticky so we feel uncomfortable.

Even if you complain about summer, it is hard to change the natural environment. Try not to lose consciousness and just keep your positive energy.

If you want to study English, keep studying in sweat.
If you like running a marathon, try to run in early morning. You may enjoy nice beer after that.
If you can contrive to spend in an uncomfortable environment, you can enjoy even hot and sticky summer.

7. Slow down when switching out seasonal clothing

There are heaps of fun in summer and you may think “If the summer lasted longer…”.
You may feel uplifted during summer. However, seasons change. When you feel that autumn is coming soon, just try to slow down.
As a rough guide, autumn will come shortly when people start wearing longer sleeves. For instance, no sleeves to half sleeves, half sleeves to three quarter length sleeves, and three quarter length sleeves to long sleeves.

When autumn comes, be thankful for an enjoyable summer and just give yourself up to the change of the energy. It’s time to bring you back to earth. This is the yin and yang lifestyle. I hope these tips will be useful and you have fantastic summer!

7 tips to spend summer comfortably by taking advantage of yin and yang

1. Eat yin foods
2. Use cooking methods for the most yang time
3. Have fun as much as you can
4. Do exercises
5. Get up early
6. Stay positive
7. Slow down when switching out seasonal clothing

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