7 ways to slim thick legs that worked effectively

7 ways to slim thick legs that worked effectively
I went to the beauty treatment salon and have noticed recently. There are few unexpectedly fat people there. In fact, most visitors who goes to the beauty treatment salon are more well-rounded than obese when I ask the esthetician.

Many of them want to thin waist another 5 centimeters, a thinner calf, and there seems to be much high sense of beauty to want to make a partial proportion better. It is said that to get the thinner leg is difficult in particular, and there is the beauty treatment salon which specializes a leg.
But there is not the budget to go to the beauty treatment salon, and I tell you 7 ways to get thinner legs which I have tried, and were effective.

7 ways to slim thick legs that worked effectively


Thick foot = swelling foot; completely remove swelling!

At first start relieving swelling of the leg; the natural enemy of the thick leg. When there is swelling, the foot does not get thinner even if you try to do your best. Firstly let’s do what you can do to relieve swelling.

A vein and a lymphatic flow worsen with the swelling, and it is the state that the waste materials which have begun to leak collect in the gap of the cell. In the thick leg, body waste is accumulated.

In addition, it becomes the cause that getting cold creates swelling. Getting cold calls a negative spiral, “the foot that gets cold “→” swelling “→”muscle is tense, and combustion efficiency of the fat falls “→”the leg becomes bigger.”

Then how should you do to relieve swelling; there are two points. They are “not to cool it”, “not to save a body waste.” If you are female, it is big, and slight intention such as wearing stockings by all means and taking a lap robe at the chilly place influences a result.

In addition, find the slight time when you bloom for a posture obstructing bloodstream and a lymphatic flow (with a bag over unilateral shoulder for a long time), and even in a state sitting down always move a leg and a calf, being conscious of massaging a calf, and please aim at the healthy leg with no swelling.


Let’s make the leg easy to get sterile by mastering right way of walking!

How much do you walk a day? Please check it with a house pedometer. If you don’t walk unexpectedly, be careful. There is a case where you don’t walk and get the right way of walking then you have thicker legs.

Also walking in a funny position causes you to get bad muscle, becoming overweight muscle. Know the correct walking when you I walk, let’s get clean legs.

The art of the how to walk
① Stare at the distance a little and walk. Try not to have the stoop.
② Begin landing from a heel; kicking from a thumb.
③ Do not take out the right foot and begin to kick with the left foot and push the right foot forward for an image to push together with a body including the right foot forward.
④ Walk being conscious of buttocks and the pelvic center.
⑤ Walk greatly waving an arm.
⑥ Walk straight over a straight line by a large step. A certain muscle is tightened inside of a thigh.
Please look being conscious of six items on foot as things mentioned above.

In fact, you use a plenty of physical strength. It is hard tired time and to do this how to walk all the time every day. However, learn how to walk and try this sometimes suddenly.

With that alone you exercise for 5-10 minutes. You are getting used and occupied it and you can walk in this way naturally, which is effective. Because there are a lot of chances to walk per day, try it little by little!


Choose the shoes, and get shoes to make legs thinner!

In thinking about a leg;, “the shoes,” is a very big point. The selection of wrong shoes causes the swelling if you choose the shoes only by a design and it makes your thick leg bigger.

Thick-soled shoes are popular these days, but, in fact, thick-soled shoes and high-heeled shoes, boots are the shoes which are not good for getting the skinny leg because they put a burden on a leg. However, when you should wear them for work by all means or you want to be sometimes dressed up in the date that, Let’s wear them in such a case.

Be careful with thing as the woman, TPO. It is a custom that “in time for commuting (attending school), wear shoes of the magic walking.” I want to recommend it when I say instead.

Do you know diet shoes? It creates load by devising a shape, the material of a sole and the insole and an exercise effect is provided when you wear this and walk.

You can enjoy the selection of shoes now because stylish diet shoes are sold by Adidas, Puma, the many sports makers including Asics.


Get thinner legs; how to drink diet supplements

The supplement is sold really a lot these days, too. I drink it, too. Drinking in combination of the simple supplement which contains various things has more effect than drinking one kind of thing, which I say based on my experience.

But this matches a person; not for another person, so try it in various ways by yourself.
I will introduce “how to drink” effective supplements here. In a slight thing, an effect
really changes!
① Drink water of around one cup of glass of the normal temperature. Because a body gets cold, the cool water is NG.
② Drink within 30 minutes after a meal. Because it is absorbed with food, it becomes efficient.
3 Drink and aim at a positive effect by laying upon. There is the way of drinking that has twice more effect than taking it in a simple substance. Because a clerk at a drugstore tell you the combination, please ask.
4 Add multivitamin, and let’s aim at beauty in one step.

When the person that I did not take a supplement “works,” you may be half in doubt, but the constant effect is given. It seems to be in particular effective for swelling cancellation.

But after all drinking supplement together with exercise and massage improves more effect than the diet only with supplements and try it hard and take in the massage.


While it is healed, the leg gets sterile, and let’s do aroma massage in a custom!

Have you ever done aroma massage? Though you have had it in a shop whether you have done aroma massage, but you have not done it by oneself, you miss a chance. The aroma massage to give by oneself is very comfortable.

You stimulate skin pleasantly, and the aroma massage softens the strain of the muscle by rubbing aroma oil into direct skin. In addition, it can promote a flow of the lymphatic back rent and blood, and the resolution of the fat or the removal of the cell light are possible, too.

It is a point that you take a bath, and oneself performs in the environment where you can be relaxed most while watching TV, listening to music or taking a bath. Treatment is recommended while deciding maintenance day such as “every Friday”, and enjoy it once a week because doing it every day burdens you.


Let’s practice exercise to get a thinner ankle; the problem is narrow!

This method is very simple, too. But there is an effect, so try it by all means. When you are bathing or a body temperature warms after bathing, only wave an ankle around, and it is possible for you to do it every day because you take bath every day. You can realize a change every day in around one month by daily exercise.


Get thinner neatly, and let’s take in “beautiful leg food”!

I think a dieting person to care about a meal, but introduce seven beautiful legs food. Do you know that there is a thing called “the beautiful leg food”?
1 Minimize the seasoning. If you use it; a natural thing.
② Consume water well, and prohibit alcohol and caffeine strictly.
③ Fruit, yogurt, nuts for breakfast and snacks.
④ Have meat and the fish plentifully. The carbohydrates moderately.
⑤ Eat seaweed, the fresh vegetables to the full ; OK.
⑥ Chew until form disappears and eat.
⑦ Endure the sweets.

Wow, very severe, but changes considerably just to be conscious. Let’s begin with being conscious!


How do you feel about them?

7 ways to slim thick legs that worked effectively. A hurdle is a high cuttlefish, or it is very easy to do that, which varies. The important thing is to know that there is such a method from the brief thing which it is easy to relatively take in slightly and try it once.

Oh, you might think that it was unexpected and you could do it simply and occupy it if you could continue it. You may be inclined to do it again at any time if you know the method.

Because a human being is not so stoic and does not have it, there is less which you can continue all the time every day. At first let’s begin with the place to try it once, and “to know”!



7 ways to slim thick legs that worked effectively

Thick foot = swelling foot; completely remove swelling!
Let’s make the leg easy to get sterile by mastering right way of walking!
Choose the shoes, and get shoes to make legs thinner!
Only drink, and an effective way to get thinner legs; how to drink diet supplements
While it is healed, the leg gets sterile, and let’s do aroma massage in a custom!
Let’s practice exercise to get a thinner ankle; the problem is narrow!
Get thinner neatly, and let’s take in “beautiful leg food”!


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