Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality

Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In RealityIt is not good to overdo even if you want to get a motivation or be motivated. You are restored immediately most of the times, even after you went to good self-culture seminar and are motivated in there. It is what a common story is.

I do not say that a way is wrong. However, the person, who go to such a place and can have a result, will be  around 5% of the whole. Furthermore, These 5% could get a result, even if they would not go to a seminar.

What I want to say is meaningless by the patching things up for the moment. Then the good result will not be got in sudden. It must be necessary to take a risk when you challenge something, and it must lead to a result. But this is what people already has a foundation of a motivation and success experiences could say.

That is why they can link with what they are doing now, and  it leads to a result.

 Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality


 It Is Made A Pleasure Without OverDoing It

Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality

If there is not a pleasure, I will be tired before to stop. A motivation might fade away in the reaction that overdid it adversely.

There are only

“being positive anyway”

“being positive anyway”

as self-culture seminar, brain science or psychology anyhow.

Is this not strange? …. I mean it is strange.

The feelings and the mentality of the person are not always positive. Same for the life. There are no people who always are happy in their life.

Even famous and excellent coach has the aspect of negatives by all means. I am against the method which shows only positive aspects and hide negative parts.

Pretend not to see and show only positive aspects.

I don’t think it is good idea.

How about a student attending a seminar feel?

I don’t think it is good idea.

That is why I have little warning for it.


There Are “Positive” & “Negative” In Consciousness, Heart & Feelings.

The reason why justice is established is that there is existence of “the evil”.

If ”the evil” disappears, the concept of “the justice” disappears at the same time.


Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality

Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality

It might sound like the story that made rapid progress, but all the nations always make enemy country or hypothetical enemy to appeal to citizens that their own nation has a justice.

It is a sad story, but this is one of the biggest reasons why war does not disappear.
There is “fun”, so there will be “disappointing”.

There is “glad”, so there will be “sad”.

Only either one is impossible. If you will be blind about it, it will be distorted someday. Therefore, please recognize that there is negatives behind positives.

Also please accept this truth without refusing.

I have one interesting story.

There is a straight magnet like one pencil. Because it is a magnet, naturally the both ends part at “S” and “N”.

Do you know what happens if I cut  middle of this magnet?

In fact, surprisingly there is N pole in the other side of the S pole and there is S pole in the other side of the N pole, even I cut the middle of the magnet.

The thing that is against reproduces again.

There will never disappear “opposition facts” such as; “positive”and “negative”, “light and dark”, “back” and “front”. It is impossible to erase the truth that they already have existed.

In other words, it is useless to make negative to positive forcibly. It will be distorted anyway.

There is negative things when there is positive things. You should accept it, and do not make only a positive aspects forcibly.

A heart and the feelings of the people wave mainly is biorhythm up and down. Do not  against this wave, just make positive bigger when you get positive wave. Also do not against the negative wave, just relax and try to find better way for next positive way.

I do not say doing nothing when you are in negative waves. Do not make it positive waves forcibly, just do what you need to do.

I will talk about it again on the next time.



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