Nine tips of effective walking diet

Nine tips of effective walking diet
You want to try diet by just walking? Walking is really familiar exercise.

Not only it burns fat and healthy, but also its helpful for stress relief.
Hard exercise would be tough to start doing, right? And sometimes you may get hurt by doing hard exercise.

In fact, consumption of calories of walking is not so much difference, even compared to such as jogging or swimming.

Walking doesn’t need special equipment, and even you can walk into your commuting time and your spare time.
But, you should know some tips to diet more effective.

In this article, we’ll introduce 9 points for taking firmly effect for those who has just short times to walk.

Nine tips of effective walking diet


1 Stretching before walking

It is effective for prevention of injuries, of course, and increasing the exercise effect as well.

When you walm-up before exercise, it gradually increases your heart rate suited for aerobic exercise.
And by warming your body, it makes the effect of exercise maximum.

In addition, it is possible to cool down while establishing a breathe by stretching after walking.
It lowers the heart rate gradually, so that does not take the burden on the body.


2 Timing of Walking

Best time zone is before you eat breakfast.

When you start the exercise, carbohydrate is beginning to be used as energy.
Because carbohydrate in the blood is less, fat tends to be burned instead.
You may feel hungry by exercise in the early morning, and you want full eat breakfast.
But it doesn’t matter to eat a lot so you can consume calories in daily activities.

Also, in the daytime, it is likely to burn fat because of active works of sympathetic.

Night time, it burns extra energy and prevent it from being stored as fat during sleep.


3 Walk quickly and stride

The effects by doodling walking and rapid walking is different.
Let’s walk in the quick pace and stride to increase the effect even a little.
Walk with good posture, stride than usual, let’s try to quick pace to the extent that breath is not too high.
When you walk quick and stride, your calf is stretched.
And it increases basal metabolism by promoting blood circulation.

Calorie consumption will increase with metabolism increases.
Let’s walk with awarding the stretching of the calf.


4 Select the walking course

The important thing is to continue the walking
Selecting the course is another point.

If you walk the same course every day, it becomes easy to get tired.

You can try to choose an another course such as it doesn’t need to turn around, or you can start from the opposite side of the same course.
Also, you can extend the distance after getting used to. Or you can change the starting point, not your house.
It will help keep motivation.


5 Clothes while walking

Clothes at the time of walking, is recommended as it easy to move by lightly, such as T-shirts and hoodies.
Sometimes, people wear sauna suits or overdressed, it is not recommended to wear such item to burn fat.
Because, too much body temperature would lower the fat burning effect in reverse.

Exercise with moderate sweat burn fat more effectively.
Let’s wear light clothes and be careful of catching a cold while walking.


6 Walking shoes

Let’s choose proper walking shoes.
Good shoes increase the effect of walking and you’ll feel less tired.

Recently, there are many types of diet shoes such as the unstable bottom of shoes to train muscle, however, it is the opposite effect, unless you choose the shoes suited the shape of your feet.

To find a proper walking shoes, you should go to the shoe store and try those, when you have swollen legs, such as evening.


7 Keep the correct posture

Exercise effect is greatly improved by walking in the correct posture.

・Pull the chin and look far away.
・Bend your arm slightly and shake back and forth.
・Land from the heel, kick up in the toe.
・Extend Back firmly so that it does not shift the center line of the body.

Walk as described above, energy consumption will rise.

Maybe it’s a little hard for you initially, you’ll get used to it shortly.


8 Focus on steps, not minutes.

To enhance walking benefits, you need to focus on the steps, not minutes.
There’s a momentum difference between walking doodly and quickly same time.

Focusing on steps let you know the momentum per time, and you can make an appropriate walking plan.

A measure of per day is roughly 10,000 steps.

Use such as pedometer, and record how much you walked, how much time it took.
Lately, there’s functional pedometer which record calorie consumption and distances.


9 Make the day off

Please take a rest if your health condition is bad or you have pain in your body.

Although it tends to walk hardly to get a high effect, walking in bad condition lowers both benefits and motivation.

Once in a while, you can take a walk instead , walking quickly, or take an enough rest.
Make a proper plan in the long run.

In addition, it has been said that taking a rest moderately increases walking benefits.


How did you like it?

These are the way how to increase the walkng benefits more effectively than just walking.

Walking transform your health, and very good way to diet, prevent obesity.

It’s easy to start, walking easily, however, you can increase the benefits is you focus some tips on walking.



Nine tips of effective walking diet

1 Stretching before walking
2 Timing of Walking
3 Walk quickly and stride
4 Select the walking course
5 Clothes while walking
6 Walking shoes
7 Keep the correct posture
8 Focus on steps, not minutes.
9 Make the day off

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