Read! 7 ways to have triad to enjoy life

Must read if you want to enjoy life! 7 ways to have triad on your side
How many people have you met in your life?

How many of them have you listened or talked to?

You may not have actually met them but seen many people through TV, magazines and internet. Maybe you feel “I’ve never counted it, but so what?”


But have you realized following things as you meet many people?

-There are successful and unsuccessful people

-Some people make success, and some fail

-Some people make success without effort, and some fail with effort

You should felt them at least once.


You may think “it’s because of their luck, nothing can be done”, and give up.

But the truth is, the luck is not a sudden thing but happens with “certainty”.

Your luck is decided by “your unconscious behavior and thoughts”.

If you behave and think to turn things good, you can automatically head to good direction. And you can enjoy life as a result.


This is “a principle of triad”.

Then how can you control your life?

What should you or think to be successful and enjoy life?


I will tell you now.


Read! 7 ways to have triad to enjoy life


1. Keep away bad information

Read newspaper after awakening.

Watch news on TV.

Read information on internet.

 Don’t you have these habits everyday?


 They may sound good, but information you get from them are mostly made up of “bad information”.

 If you are facing a certain food and told “you get sick if you eat it”, you won’t eat it. Would you?

 Of course bad thing would happen if you eat it. 

It is same thing with information. To avoid bad information is a way to success.

 Because our behaviors are affected from people around us and information we take in.

 Imagine what would happen, if you keep getting bad information.

I insist you to avoid bad information.



2. Don’t deny yourself

Aren’t you criticizing or denying yourself?

 As I said before, we act as we think.

 If you criticize yourself, you are giving up yourself.

Successful people tend to control and positively accept themselves.


3. Don’t make others suffer

Have you ever experienced of getting frustrated and released your anger on someone else?

 The principal of triad consists of cause and result.

 If you make people suffer, it eventually returns to you as a result.

 The bigger the cause, the bigger the return is.

 Don’t forget that the pain you give to others will return to you.


4. Forget the past

Have you ever blamed yourself for what you have done in a past?

 The past is past.

 You can’t do anything about it.


Then what should you do?

 “Forget it and live today with all your energy.” 

If you don’t change now, you can’t change forever. 

Of course as the principal of triad, how you spend today will return to you. 

Which do you prefer, to look back and regret your past or to be proud of your past?


5. Accept the difficulties

“Why such a terrible thing happen!”

“I am unlucky!”

 You may have hard time facing some difficulties.

 You might have experienced hard times in past.

 But you could live up to today. This means,

 “You could come over many difficulties.”

 Of course, there should be good things as well.

 To face difficulty means

 “Something good will happen next.”

 So, accept the difficulties.


6. Be kind to others

If someone is in need for help, give them a hand.

 Or be kind to them.

 With the principal of triad, your behavior will come back to you.

 You feel good as you help someone, and they feel happy as well.

 It will surely come back to you.


7. Be proud of yourself

If you are not confident, it means

 -You doubt yourself

-You give up controlling yourself

Our behavior comes from what we think.

 If you have confidence, you can get a satisfying result.

If you are not confident, the result would be so-so.

 Without a confidence, you are “putting a brake on your action”.



How were my tips?


Of course, not everything will turn out as you want even if you try all 7 ways.

However you can lead yourself to a good direction by knowing how to control yourself. Unfortunately, many people are giving up controlling themselves, though.

Or maybe, they are unconsciously worried about eyes of other people and evaluations, and following the same manner with others. Instead of being influenced by other people and end up in a place you didn’t wish for, control yourself and change your life to better, enjoyable direction!



Read! 7 ways to have triad to enjoy life

1. Keep away bad information

2. Don’t deny yourself

3. Don’t make others suffer

4. Forget the past

5. Accept the difficulties

6. Be kind to others

7. Be proud of yourself



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