Make The Sum Of Triad

Make The Sum Of Triad
By last article, I hope you understand that how harmony of consciousness really important are and the way of thinking to be set.

Then today I will talk about how you get along well after using triad.
There are positive and negative, so you should accept it.

It will become the cause that makes a distortion to make only a positive forcibly, so you should stop it.
You think“I can do nothing”don’t you?
The life is a “wave”. It is waving biorhythm.
You can do nothing alone with it, so you need some companions.

Make The Sum Of Triad.

Make The Sum Of Triad

There are five Oriental Yin Yang fortune-tellers (five thought) have thought called “GOU”.
It means when there are different property, it will change happening in good way. I think my “Triad”is like this kind of thinking. Three different human beings in the attribute gather and it is stable and can get strong energy by cooperating.
There are biorhysmic (wave) ups and downs of the one person. If it is good should good, but is hopeless when it is bad.
The biorhysmic (wave) energy of two people will be good, when together have good harmony. However when speed down, it falls so fast or it is impossible to make harmony together.
However, the biorthysmic (wave) will make everything the congruence, and there are not ups and
downs and becomes one bold line.

This Is A Way Of Thinking Of Triad.

Each person has strong and weak points and the biorhythm is different. Therefore you should find a person who are good at something you are not good at. It is better than you just waste your time with the things what you are not good at.

In other words “supplementing” it looking for the parts which are not enough to yourself..
It may be easy to understand that I imagine the character setting of comics and the TV animations. Each has a role properly and becomes one team. A popular music group are also really good.


Balance Is Important For Triad.
It is necessary to make mentally equal relationships, not like the relationships of the boss and the subordinate, because you will make the sum of the triad. Besides, each of people should understand each other and must respect each other. When you are depressed, other people support you if they can obtain congruence of triad. On the contrary, you can help them when the others are depressed.
It is the best method to get positive energy. This is the way of thinking as “Triad”. This is the best method of getting the positive energy.


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