The reliable ways to get skinny calves

The reliable ways to get skinny calves
Many dieters suffer from the thickness of their calves. The thick calves make the whole legs look thicker, and the balance of them looks bad when they wear shoes with high heels. One of the cause of thick calves is swelling.

While you’re standing or sitting for long time, the water inside yourself starts gathering and making the calves swelling.

Also, the muscles get stiff and fat will be gathered. The people who have belonged to sport club might have no idea against the look of thick calves even if it is because of their muscles. But they are able to resolve the worry if they know how to care properly.

There are the reliable ways how the thick calves by swelling, muscles, and fat get skinny.

The reliable ways to get skinny calves


Be against the force of gravity

Gravity is the big cause of swelling. The easiest way to resolve it is just rising your legs.
Before you go to bed, put your feet on a cushion and just lay yourself. It is effective in swelling. It is recommended to be against gravity, remove swelling, and stretch your legs and hip.

The stretch your calves laying yourself
1) Lie on your back and relax
2) Rise your legs
3) Stretch and twist your ankle and keep your knee stretched
4) Replace your legs after you do that 10 times

Make a conscious exercise that the muscles of your calves. You can use the muscles of your abdomen and hip. Kill three birds with one stone.


Stretch by just sitting

It is very easy, but some of you may feel little pain with your calves or thigh. It is the best if you can keep it 3 minutes, but let’s try it as much as possible.

The stretch by just sitting

1) Choose wherever the wall and the floor is at right-angled.
2) Sit down on the floor, stretch your legs, and stick your waist, back, and shoulder to the wall.
3) Breathe slowly.
4) After you got used to it, use the muscles of Achilles tendon and calves by stretching and twisting your toe.

You can feel that the fatigue of your legs are resolved by this stretch.


Squat down to stretch.

The muscles of calves are called soleus muscle. It is one of the cause of calves swelling.
Stretch the soleus muscles easily to get skinny calves.

The stretch by squat

1) Squat down and stick your feet to the floor.
2) Take a breath and bend your body a little.

Be conscious of the muscles of your Achilles tendon and calves while you’re stretching.
You can try it with a short time, so it is better for you to do when you feel fatigue for your legs.



Tiptoeing is effective for the beautiful shape of your calves. Just tiptoeing is enough to stimulate the muscle of your calves, but you’ll gain more effect if you know how to try it.

Wonderful effect by tiptoeing

1) Keep the same width between your legs and shoulder.
2) Put the power to the muscle under your navel, imagine that you raise it, and tiptoe taking a breath at the same time.
3) Replace yourself.

Try to be conscious of the abdominal muscles, and you can prevent yourself from training the muscle of calves. It’ll be good aerobic exercise if you try to breathe and stimulate the muscle slowly.


Change how to walk

Are you usually conscious of the muscle of your legs? You can stimulate it and get the skinny calves if you change how to walk. Some of you do walking for diet, but it might be the cause of calves because of the burden against calves while you’re stretching and twisting your legs. Try to right walking, and you’ll get skinny calves.

The right way how to move your legs

1) Put your foot first, and stretch the knee.
2) Bend your leg with your heel and move the center of your gravity to that foot.

When you start walking, move your legs with your hip joint like that you’re moving your waist. Try to make your stride length wide and walk speedy, and you’ll stimulate whole legs and tighten them.


Make healthy bloodstream

The calves are called the second heart. The muscles of the calves help the blood circulation by shrinking, and it is deeply related to basal metabolism. Also, it has important role for you lower body. How are your calves? Hard, or soft? If they’re hard, such muscles prevent the bloodstream. Let’s massage them to make the stream of blood
and lymph properly.

The massage for the calves

1) Make a relaxing pose, stretch right leg, bend left leg and put it on the right leg.
2) Wrap the left calf with your both hands and massage it. Push under the muscles from ankle to knee by using your thumb.
3) Massage middle of the muscles.
4) Massage top of the muscles.
5) Change your leg and massage with same ways.

The point is starting it from the ankle to the knee. Just do it with easy way for you.


Take in vitamin B complex.

The people who has swelling calves suffer from the hard muscles of their calves, which causes bad metabolism. Lactic acid is the factor of it. It is accumulated by hard using the muscle. It also have the cause of fatigue or pain. Vitamin B complex is effective against lactic acid.

Be conscious of taking in it. It is recommended to eat pork, liver, spinach, brown alga, and so on. Vitamin B complex is necessary for metabolism. It is not only effective in your health, but also making beautiful skin.

Try to take them in your daily diet.

Do you understand?

If you feel that you can’t get slim calves, so reconsider how to use your calves. Devise how to walk or stretch, soften your calf muscles, and get skinny legs. The calf muscles have important role for your basal metabolism. Stimulate your calves, and you’ll find that your whole legs have become slim.

They’re very easy to try, so just do it.



The reliable ways to get skinny calves

・Be against the force of gravity
・Stretch by just sitting
・Squat down to stretch.
・Change how to walk
・Make healthy bloodstream
・Take in vitamin B complex.

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