5 Ways to Renew Your Thinking

5 Ways to Renew Your Thinking
What should you do in order to gain confidence?

Let’s think about it together and learn what you can get from having confidence.


5 Ways to Renew Your Thinking


1. Get experience to Gain Confidence 

There’s time you try to do something and fail.

But you don’t have to see it as a failure and think it was meaningless because it is a meaningful experience for you.

And you can gain confidence by getting experience.

There might be time you feel like everything is going wrong, but that’s actually a sign of your success.

It will help you a lot if you can think that the cause of failure is decreasing one by one as you fail, and that will eventually lead you to success.

There are people who gain confidence by doing things well from the beginning, but those who struggle and find the right answer can also gain confidence.

If you compare both, the latter would have more confidence.

The former might be more fragile when they fail because they lack experience.

You should get much experience in order to gain confidence and be successful.

You can also gain knowledge by getting experience.

Knowledge and experiences you gain will be great tools in your life. So you should seek to get more experiences.


2.Imagine Yourself being Successful

It’s very important that you can imagine yourself being successful.

Then your mind will naturally move toward success.

It might good to think of the things you want to do when you become successful.

Imagining the scene of yourself being successful can give you hope of the future, so I recommend you to do that regularly.

You might say you can’t be always positive, but being a positive thinker makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Imagining your success is a good place to start.


3. No Effort, No Success

It might wrong to think that you can be successful without making any effort.

I think even those who are called genius usually are secretly making efforts.

You need to voluntarily make efforts without being told by others.
There are many ways to make efforts, such as studying hard, or reading many books.

You can gain confidence by making efforts.

Your confidence often is based upon the efforts you made. So it’s very important to make efforts.


4. Try to Like Yourself

Try to be able to say you like yourself when you are asked. Then confidence follows naturally.

You will have to keep dealing with yourself for your whole life. It is sad if you don’t like yourself.

Let’s find more things you like about yourself in order to avoid that, and then try to develop your strong points.

That will lead you to have confidence, and help you to be successful.


5. Don’t Think that You are on Your own

It’s rude to those who have supported you to think that you have been working hard on your own.

Remember that you are who you are now thanks to those who have helped you.

By being thankful to those around you, you can feel how blessed you are to have people you can depend on.

And you can have confidence on yourself who are loved by others.


There are times you like yourself, and there are times you hate yourself.

But it is important to have confidence.

Even the successful people must have had failures in their lives, but they are who they are now because they have overcome those experiences.

By going through the failures of your life knowing that there’s no success without them helps you have confidence.



 55 Ways to Renew Your Thinking for confidence

1. Get Experience to Gain Confidence

2. Imagine Yourself being Successful

3. No Effort, No Success

4. Try to Like Yourself

5. Don’t Think that You are on Your own

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