5 easy methods to try for your thick legs

5 easy methods you should try for your thick legs
Your upper and lower bodies are not balanced, though you are not fat. You used to have slim legs, but now they are chronically swollen by your daily work.
There might be many people who dream about beautiful legs but also have problems with their legs.
Want to wear a skirt perfectly! Want to dress cool with skinny jeans! Thin ankles, beautifully firm calves, nice thighs. These must be longing legs. Beautiful legs make your figure look beautiful as well.
For women who have leg problems, I’ll introduce easy methods to slim thin legs.

5 easy methods to try for your thick legs


Only 5 minutes a day! Heel walking

This is good especially for those who often wear heels. When you walk with heels on a daily basis, your weight is placed on forward. Heel walking is also effective to use your muscles which you don’t normally use.

This is easy to do. Just walk with your heels for 5 minutes every day. You can do it for 5 minutes without a break, or 10 times for 30 seconds.
Of course, this exercise is good for women who don’t normally wear heels.


Correct how you walk

Walking in a right way is effective especially for people who stand for a long time for their job.

・When walking, imagine there is a line at your feet.
・Try stepping on the line.
・Straighten your back, gather your blade bones to your back as if your head is hung from above, and walk on the line

This small change will balance your body. This method is used for fashion models or practice of track and field to make their body steady.

Even if you don’t stand for a long time every day, you can do it when you walk from a station to your house, etc. Be aware of a line in front of you, and you can improve your body balance dramatically.


Putting up your legs while sitting

If you sit for a long time for your job, this can be effective.

・Sit back in a chair with your body like L letter.
・This L letter posture take the weight of your upper body.
・Be cautious of your waist bones, and sit as if your back bones are hung from above.
・When you sit with a right posture, put your knees together and put your legs above using your ab.
*If you are not steady, hold the side of the chair.

This exercise makes your adducent muscles strong and your legs thinner. As a starter, you can do it 10 times when you have some time.


Leg massage

Massage is very good after all for people who are bothered by swelling. It’s even better to massage your legs after a bath, using body cream or body oil.

・Put your fingers in between of your toe fingers and turn your feet around.
・wrap your calves with your both hands from bottom up, and squeeze them.
・Press up the side of your thighs with fists.
・Turn around the limph of your hip joints.

This only takes 5 minutes, but you will see a big difference in the next morning.


Start with 10 times a day! Complete squat

Many people may know about squat exercise, but did you know that there are some different types of the squat?

The one I recommend you is especially safe and effective. It will work greatly for your lower body.

・Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, and turn your toes out a little bit.
・Clasp your hands behind your head. You don’t have to do it if you can’t.
・Puff your chest and make your back straight.
*Don’t lean your back to much, or you will hurt it.
・Take a breath in, and lower your waist taking 2-4 seconds until your thighs become parallel to the ground.
*Be careful not to place your knees outside your toes to avoid hurting your knees.
・Then take a breath out, and stretch your knees at the same speed.

Start with 10 times, 1-2 sets a day, and do it more when you got used to it. The most important thing for the squad is how to use your hip joint. It’s more effective if you use them nicely, so focus on them.


These are easy methods to slim the thick legs you can do in your daily life.
Small things everyday will change your figure completely. Let’s start with one thing you can easily do, and get beautiful legs!



5 easy methods to try for your thick legs

Only 5 minutes a day! Heel walking
Correct how you walk
Putting up your legs while
Leg massage
Start with 10 times a day! Complete squat


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