There’re 7 recipes of onions with nutrition

There’re 7 recipes of onions with nutrition
Onion is 37kcal in 100g, and it has vitamin B1, folic acid, phosphorus, allyl sulfide, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, and alimentary fiber. Onion is part of lily family, and it effects for fatigue recovery, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, and mood stabilizing. And onions has a lot of ‘allyl sulfide’ that is cause of sharp of taste.

Allyl sulfide makes your blood smoothly, and protects your body from some diseases as arterial sclerosis. It is important food for our body in this generation. That is because onions have a constituent to help the number of cholesterol, so it is good for this generation that we eat meat so much.

It is important for keep healthy body to get a right food lifestyle. Do you want to try to make your body healthy with eating onions? We’ll introduce 7 recipes of onions with nutrition.

There’re 7 recipes of onions with nutrition


1 Salad of syabu-syabu with poke and onions

Ingredients (2 people)
Purple onion 1
Sliced poke loin 200g
Radish sprouts 1/2 pack
Sake Tablespoon 3
Dried kelp (for soup) 5cm
Water 2 and 1/2 cup
Grated white radish Tablespoon 2
Ponzu sauce just the dose

How to make it
1. Slice onions, and put it into water and let it dry. Slice pokes loin for easy to eat, and let grated white radish cut two halves.
2. Put dried kelp, water and sake into a pot. After that, let it fire. Put pokes loin into the pot when water is boiled, and put them into iced water.
3. Put 2 on a plate, decollate onions, grated white radish, and radish sprouts. Finally, dress a ponzu sauce.

You should eat onions with poke, eel, bonito, and soy products to take vitamin B1 easily when you have summer lethargy or you want to recover fatigue.


2 Onion dressing

Onions 2
Soy sauce 1/4 cup
Mix of granule soup Teaspoon 1/2
Benne oil Tablespoon 1

How to make it
1. Mince onions
2. Mix soy sauce, mix of granule soup, and benne oil and add onions

This is super dressing to use fish dish, meat fish, and tofu. You can take nutrient of onion with any food. Also, mince onion is easy to get constituent, so you should hold minced onions up 30 minutes to fry or stew.


3 Onion soup

Ingredients (2 people)
New onions 2
Raw ham 5 slices
Carrots 1/3
Salt and pepper just a dose
Batter Tablespoon 1
Mix of solid form soup 1
Bay leaf 1
Water 3 cups (600ml)
Powder Cheese just a dose
Italian parsley if you want

How to make it
1. Cut top of the onions
2. Slice raw ham for 3cm, and cut carrots into half-moons.
3. Put batter and onions into a pot, and fries them when it gets brown color.
4. Put carrots, raw ham, water, solid form soup, and bay leaf. After that, stew them with low fire for 20-30 minutes.
5. Make a taste with salt and paper.
6. Decollate a plate, and put Italian parsley or powder cheese on a plate if you want.

You can get onion nutrient with onion soup.


4 Onion stake

Ingredients (4 people)
Big onion 1/2
Green peppers 6
Salad oil Tablespoon 1
Batter Tablespoon 1
White wine Tablespoon 1
Salt Teaspoon 1/2
Pepper just a dose
Grated white radish Tablespoon 4
A mixture of red pepper and other spices A little
Soy sauce just a dose

How to make it
1. Slice in rounds onions for 4 slices, and you need to remove hull of green pepper.
2. Put salad oil and batter onto a pan, and fries onions both side. After it gets brown color, put white wine into the pan and steam and roast it. Also, fries green peppers.
3. Put 2 onto a plate, and put grated white radish and a mixture of red pepper and other spices onto 2, make a taste with soy sauce.

It makes decrease cholesterol and the number of neutral fat to eat heated onion.


5 Fried onions

Ingredients (2 people)
Onion 1
Japanese honewort or bell pepper just a dose
Sakura shrimp just a dose
Eggs 1/2
Water Tablespoon 4
Cake flour 1/3 cup

How to make it
1. Slice onion like a longwise
2. Prepare cut 2-3cm Japanese honewort or bell pepper.
3. Add cake flour and egg and mix them. After that, add onion, sakura shrimp, and water.
4. Let the temperature about 160℃, and put them into a pot.
5. Dress a Japanese dipping sauce, grated white radish, soy sauce and worcester sauce

You can eat lots of onion with fries.


6 Onion juice

Onion 100g
Water 100cc
Honey Tablespoon 2
Lemon juice Teaspoon 2
Ice 4

Need things
Bamboo basket
Graduated cup

How to make it
1. Peal onion
2. Slice onion
3. Sliced onion into water for 10 minutes
4. Dry onion with using bamboo basket
5. Put onion into blender
6. Honey into a blender
7. And add lemon juice
8. Add water and blend for a minute
9. Add ice after stop blender
10. And blend it again after add ice

You can add extra honey if you don’t like onion.


7 Coat tea of onion

Ingredients (4 people)
Coat of onion 3
Water 1l

Need things
Bamboo basket or tea strainer

How to make it
1. Put water and coat of onion into a pot and boil them. Stew them for 5 minutes with middle fire.
2. Pour them with using bamboo basket or tea strainer

You can save them about for 2-3 days in a refrigerator. You should cool it down before you pour them to a bottle or something. Coat of onion has quercetin, and it makes your blood vessel stronger and protects your body from high blood pressure. Also, it is effective for insomnia and shoulder discomfort.


Eating raw onion is good for your body because it helps to increase metabolism of sugar, and also it helps to protect increase the number of blood sugar. And eating boiled onion is also good because it helps to decrease cholesterol and the number of neutral fat. It is possible to take constituent with heated onion.

So you should eat heated onion if you want to decrease cholesterol or neutral fat. And you should eat salad or raw onion if you want to decrease the number of blood sugar. And you should not put sliced onion into water soon, because compound of sulfur is included in onion and it makes your blood smoothly.

But if you put sliced onion into water soon, it will be gone, so you should not put it into water soon. Therefore, you should let it go over 15 minutes after sliced to get nutrient for your blood. Let’s take onion nutrient from various cooking ways.



There’re 7 recipes of onions with nutrition

1 Salad of syabu-syabu with poke and onions
2 Onion dressing
3 Onion soup
4 Onion stake
5 Fried onions
6 Onion juice
7 Coat tea of onion

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