Make The Sum Of Triad

Make The Sum Of Triad
By last article, I hope you understand that how harmony of consciousness really important are and the way of thinking to be set.

Then today I will talk about how you get along well after using triad.
There are positive and negative, so you should accept it.

It will become the cause that makes a distortion to make only a positive forcibly, so you should stop it.
You think“I can do nothing”don’t you?
The life is a “wave”. It is waving biorhythm.
You can do nothing alone with it, so you need some companions.

Make The Sum Of Triad.

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A law of triad. 9 ways to learn logic and change life

A law of triad. 9 ways to learn logic and change life
What do you imagine when you hear “triad”? Something spiritual? Or many people might think suspicious about it. It does sound a little bit strange, like a word used for some kind of spiritual business.

Triad, however, is a word from Buddhism, which means “if you act well, it comes back to you, and if you act badly it returns to you”. And it should not be taken as just a word from Buddhism.

There is always someone around you who challenge and make a success. Take a close look at them. They are practicing a Buddhism word of triad in their everyday life or in business.


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