How to enjoy life from 40s as you are!

How to enjoy life from 40s, without making look young!
What do you imagine about being in 40s? For example, anti-aging, aging, wrinkles, blemishes, gaining weight, white hairs, and so on. You might have negative images of problems especially for women.

Recently, many women are beautiful and look younger than their ages, and some are obviously trying hard to make them look young. However, aging is a natural phenomenon and you really need to make effort and spend some money to stay look young. There seems to be a limit to what you can do. So, let’s think about ways to enjoy life from your 40s without making you look young.

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the way to break belief by using 2 thinking

the way to break belief by using 2 thinking
The 80% of our daily life is made of “belief”. Will you break it?

Our action is fullly facing with belief. You think “Really”? But that’s the truth.

We’re having belief, collecting information, thinking, acting by thinking from belief, which we think it may be true.

That is to say, in most cases, we think that’s truth, or this is my opinion, by collecting information for making belief without thinking.

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