7 disadvantages of relationships caused by thinning hair

7 disadvantages of relationships caused by thinning hair
Hair problem is a worry to people, both men and women. Many women in 40s were worried about hair loss and gray hair, however, recently women in 20s and 30s are suffering from hair problems. It is unlikely that you can’t have a romantic relationship because of your thinning hair. But compared to men, women tend to be worried about thinning hair. Therefore, they can’t ask a guy out as they don’t feel good about themselves.

Because of that, you may have a negative attitude and miss a chance to date someone. So, here are 7 disadvantages of romantic relationships caused by thinning hair in women.

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5 ways to Care Hair Root for Women Thinning Hair

5ways How to Care Hair Root for Women Thinning Hair
People tend to think hair loss is problem for men. But women can suffer from thinning hair. Although it is determined by heredity to some extent, other factors also affect thinning hair such as lack of exercise, stress, foods or irregular lifestyle.

You should realize the fact you can improve thinning hair by changing some life habits. It is difficult to cure it completely but it is possible to improve it by reconsidering life habits.

First of all, you should know the fact there is relation between hormone and hair growth. No matter which gender, male hormone and female hormone secretes in the body and control various kinds of body parts like hair root. And it regulates hair growth.

Generally, male hormone increase causes body hair increase and hair loss. Women tend to realize the change more than men because they look in a mirror every day,

So women’s thinning hair like loss of back hair or loss of hair around part could be quite serious problem. How can they care about the hair or the hair root?

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7 Hair root revival surgery for hair loss☆

Hair loss is a women's enemy! 7 Hair root revival surgery☆
Black shiny hair is the wish of the woman. Stress such as westernization of food and social advancement of women continue to change in recent years, women who suffer from hair loss has increased very much at the same time. There’re many hair tonics in drugstores. I guess many of you tried. However, as plants grow up with not only water, but also many factors, such as soil, sunlight, temperature and fertilizer, hair does not grow up with only hair tonic.

I’ll tell you how to care to regain the feminine hair before the thinning hair would progress.

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7 Reasons be cooler by bald hairstyles

Bald is cool! 7 reasons men can change by hairstyle
When your hair gets thin, you may worry about people’s eyes. Especially you may be worried about women’s eyes. However women avoid men who try to hide bald head or those who are unclean, rather than having bald head. Women think being graceful is important, and “comb-over” hairstyle should be avoided the most.

Today, I will tell you 7 reasons you can be cool with a twist, even with bald head.

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9 reasons baldness treatment is impossible

9 reasons impossible to cure baldness with treatment
According to the investigation in 2010, it is said that the population of Japanese who are conscious of baldness and thinning hair is 12,600,000 people.
Approximately 20% of men are suffering from thinning hair or baldness, and it means that one of five men is doing it. Although a lot of hair restorers are offered commercially, the population of baldness increases year by year in comparison with old days.

It may be because it is not cured whatever you may do. Have you not thought about such a thing?

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