Method to change oneself

9 bad foods which made me sweaty

I guess many of you care how you're sweaty. Have you ever known it may because of food?I'll introduce 9 bad foods which may make you sweaty.
Method to change oneself

7 methods how to stop sweating easily

Many people such as students, salesmen, couples in love do not want others to see sweat. Do you want to try how to stop sweating? Today I tell the 7 methods.
How to make good communication and human relations

9 sad reasons people’re away from the sweaty

Preventions of sweaty smell are improved, but not perfect. Here are 9 reasons why people of opposite sex will walk away from you because of sweaty smell.
Method to change oneself

7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell

People sweat unexpectedly and they can't stop it by themselves, so it's important to get rid of the smell. Try not to be "sweaty person" by sweating healthfully.
Method to change oneself

9 Bad Common Points People with Smelly Scalp

To curb scalp smell is difficult. Some have smelly scalp at night even though they have no smell in the morning. Learn proper scalp care before it is too late.
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