9 Bad Common Points People with Smelly Scalp

9 Bad Common Points People with Smelly Scalp
Compared with Westerners, Japanese people are quite sensitive to smell. There is the word smell harassment in Japan. There are many people who are sensitive to perfume smell or terrible body odor in japan because of Japanese culture like cleanliness, bathing habits or diet habits.

A person with strong body odor can be isolated in Japan because the Japanese are sensitive to smell. Especially it is difficult to curb the scalp smell. There are not a few people have been worried about smelly scalp like their scalp become oily in the late evening even though their scalp is in good condition in the morning. Let’s learn about proper scalp care and knowledge before your scalp becomes smelly more and more by wrong ways.

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7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell

7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell
99% of sweat is water. The salty taste of sweat comes from 1% of impure substance. Since only 1% tastes that strong, it’s understandable that the smell would be stronger if you sweat a lot.
People sweat unexpectedly and they can’t stop it by themselves, so it’s important to get rid of the smell.
You can’t have a smooth communication with others if you are sweaty.
Try not to be “sweaty person” by sweating healthfully.

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9 sad reasons people’re away from the sweaty

9 sad reasons why people keep away from sweaty people
Preventions for sweaty smell are improved, but they are not perfect.

In society like Japan, where being odorless seems to be normal, sweaty smell is very bothering matter. Smell prevents your personal relationships. When thinking about people of opposite sex, you need to be more careful.

Here are 9 sad reasons why people keep distance from you because of sweaty smell.

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9 bad foods which made me sweaty

9 bad foods which make me sweaty
I guess many of you care how you’re sweaty. In summer, we care about sweat smell don’t we?
Besides winter sweat also smells bad, actually there’re many people who see it worse.
I know that many of them use deodorant spray, cream, perfume, etc.

Have you ever known it may because of food? I’ll introduce 9 bad foods which made me sweaty.
If you take these a lot, that might be the reason why you’re sweaty. I recommend you to read this and check your  diet.

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7 methods how to stop sweating easily

7 methods how effectively to stop sweating easily
In current Japanese society, it can become the cause of worry for people to get sweaty so much. There are such a lot of people who do not want to get sweat seen by others as students in puberty, salesmen, and couples beginning to be in love. If there is how effectively to stop sweating easily, do you not want to try it?
Today I will tell you such a story.

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