7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell

7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell
99% of sweat is water. The salty taste of sweat comes from 1% of impure substance. Since only 1% tastes that strong, it’s understandable that the smell would be stronger if you sweat a lot.
People sweat unexpectedly and they can’t stop it by themselves, so it’s important to get rid of the smell.
You can’t have a smooth communication with others if you are sweaty.
Try not to be “sweaty person” by sweating healthfully.

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First 5 things to do when you’re said you are sweaty

First 5 things to do when you're said your sweat smells
Where do you feel smell after sweating a lot in hot season? I prefer fresh smell anyway.

From head, or from the neck, or from the body, from aside, or from clothes…, smell occurs everywhere.

Even if you don’t recognize, but if you’are said you’re sweaty, that’s a very shock. But when you can get thankful to that adviser, it’s the chance that you spend time with fresh smell on released from bad smell sweat.

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7 great food to suppress sweat smell

7 great food you should eat to suppress sweat smell
Very reliable warrior for no more sweat odor and body odor is here!

What you eat will be digested and become vitality in the body, and a large amount of energy is produced in the digestion, it also increases the body temperature because organ is working actively for digestion. In the body under the digestion, at the same time active oxygen is born. It has been confirmed that this active oxygen causes our body aging and disease.

Sweat odor and body odor smell out when body temperature rose. By ingesting food that suppresses active oxygen, prevent rust of the body, sweat and smell that exit as waste when temperature rises from the cells from all around the body! There is a food like the warrior that will change to good smell sweat from bad one with anti-oxidation effect.

By having food that energy consumption is less with anti-oxidation effect, will reduce the trouble being careful for not raising the body temperature.

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