7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body

7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body Do you know what kinds of skin care products made of oil is the best? Don’t you use a skin care product gentle to the skin? It seems that people have good image of natural oils to the skin such as animal oils and vegetable oils and bad image of mineral oils to the skin because they think the oils have bad effects on the skin like pigmentation. But it could be wrong.

In the old days, petroleum refining technique was immature and impurities in the oils could cause the problem. The technology progressed, the quality of the oils improved. So mineral oils are needless to say harmless and have a moisture retention effect more than natural oils.

Representative mineral oil is petroleum jelly. It is used not only for skin care products but also for remedy for dermatitis. Compared with old days, mineral oils are gentle to the skin because of the refining technique improvement.

I will introduce mineral oil skin care products that are gentle to the skin for people who have a bad image of mineral oils.

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7reasons Why a Beauty Takes Walnut Nutrition Actively

7reasons Why a Beauty Takes Walnut Nutrition Actively Walnuts are group of nuts as well as cashew nuts or pistachio. It is said that walnuts are the oldest edible nuts that ancient people ate.

In Europe and China, walnuts are known as a beauty food for the nobility and as a symbol of life because of unique shape of walnuts. Japanese people have been eating walnuts since the Jomon period. In Tohoku region, walnuts are special product and “Kurumi mochi (walnuts rice cake)”is very popular.

However, most walnuts in Japan are imported from the U.S., a little bit expensive and hardly known how to eat. So walnuts are not commonly eaten on an everyday basis.

But bestselling book written by Erica Angyal , official dietician of Miss Universe Japan says walnuts are nutritious and have strong beauty effect. Celebrities and athletes in America take nuts actively and especially, walnuts are extremely nutritious. Today, walnuts have been attracting people’s attention as food for beauty.

I will introduce 7 reasons why beauties take walnut nutrition actively.

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7 secrets of walnut nutrition for beautiful skin

seven secrets of walnut nutrition for beautiful skin

It’s common knowledge for people conscious of skin health that nuts can be a cause of acnes. Nuts are very fatty and cause acnes and overweight. Some people don’t want to have them if they can.

However,there is an exception. There is a kind of nut that makes our skin beautiful instead of causing acnes. That is “ walnut”. Walnut nutrition is excellent in making skin beautiful.

Nowadays, it’s popular among people with beautiful skin and fashion models to eat walnut instead of sweets when they’re a bit hungry.

Walnut is the oldest nut in the world, which has been eaten by human beings from the old Stone Age. Walnut that has survived the harsh environment from ancient age is acknowledged as anti-aging food. I’ll introduce such walnut’s great surprising reasons of beauty skin effects.

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There’re 7 ways to get beautiful skin by breathing of yoga

There’re 7 ways to get beautiful skin by breathing of yoga

Do you know that your breathing is related with metabolism? For example, fat is not resolved when you do exercise with stopping your breath. You need to do aerobic exercise with breathing long time to resolve fat. Fat is resolved that do exercise with getting air into your body.

So, you can see how breathing is important to increase metabolism. And metabolism is related with your health and beauty. If you increase metabolism, you can make your body without fat and beautiful skin. Making right breathing way is for beautiful skin. Breathing way is yoga.

Sometimes breathing of yoga called pranayama. You need to breath deeply, and make some poses to make your blood vessel smoothly and make your body relax to increase metabolism. This time, we’ll introduce ways to get beautiful skin by using pranayama (breathing way.)

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There are 7ways that how to cure acne at your home

There are 7ways that how to cure acne at your home.

You might imagine that acne is younger people problem. But, there are late 20s women who suffer from acne. It means adult acne.

Our face is horny cell layer, and it renewal to new skin horny cell layer. It called turnover, but it will be blocked your pore if the turnover is inaccurate. And you have acne when the waste or sebum got stuck in your pore, and there are lots of acne. Also you have blemish areas.

It is the same system to make puberty acne and adult acne, but for adult acne have some problems to get acne. For example, here are the reasons about it, secretion of sebum, balance of hormone, bad food lifestyle, ultraviolet, bad cosmetics, and stress. And it is difficult to cure acne on cheek, face line, and chin.

You have to make your face everyday if you have acne. You might get bad mood when you look into a mirror everyday. We’ll introduce about 7 ways how to cure acne at your home.

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