7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders

7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders
Often get sore shoulders during work?  It is said that many people suffer from chronic stiff shoulders due to a desk job during work.

Once you have chronic stiff shoulders, massage will not really work and you will have pains in other parts like head and back.

Continuing sitting at desk usually causes a stiff shoulder where certain muscles keep shrinking that depress the muscles that supports body posture which gives burden on cervical region that support your head and arms.  There are other causes such as mental stress, poor blood circulation, etc.

If you keep the above causes, your muscles always become tense resulting in a stiff shoulder.  Long-hour desk workers tend to have a stiff shoulder, to have a bad posture habit, and to have round shoulders, which makes you feel negative.

A stiff shoulder might not only make you fall out of shape but also might ruin your office atmosphere.  Therefore, let’s learn 7 stretches to cure chronic stiff shoulders.
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