Method to change oneself

Acne scalp really hurts! 7 Ways to care now

When you shampoo, when you brush, when you raise the hair..., haven't you ever accidentally mashed acne on the scalp that is hidden by hair? I recommend cares following.
Method to change oneself

9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald

It’s becoming chilly. In that season, we care about the drying and rough skin. That also means scalp is dry, too. Let's see the reality of the drying of the scalp
Method to change oneself

9 ways who has red scalp did for hare care

It’s difficult to identify factors to make scalp red, you need to give care reviewing the life from various directions. Here I’ll introduce how I cared my past red scalp.
Method to change oneself

9 Bad Common Points People with Smelly Scalp

To curb scalp smell is difficult. Some have smelly scalp at night even though they have no smell in the morning. Learn proper scalp care before it is too late.
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7 healing care of hair root scalp with scabs

Many scalp scabs are seborrheic eczema. Practice the root of hair scalp care that you can do at home. Let's begin to remove properly dirt of the sebum of a scalp.
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