7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition

7 ways to improve your health condition with plenty nutrition of Okra
Okra is a summer seasonal vegetable.

Speaking of Okra,it is famous as food for stamina and stickey.
You can find Okra at the supermarket all year around, but the season is from July to September of summer.

Origin of Okra is Africa, so its cultivated in warm climates.
Kochi and Okinawa are the main production areas.

Okra contains Pectin, mucin, β-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C, minerals (potassium, calcium),and iron.

The effects can be expected by taking Okra are protection and intestinal action of the gastrointestinal mucosa,
Summer heat prevention, constipation prevention, diarrhea prevention,
Tonic promotion, and promoting digestion.

Okra improves your health problem in many ways.

In this article, we’ll introduce 7 ways to improve your health condition by taking plenty nutrition of Okra.

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