7 ways to maintain health with recovery drinks

7 ways to maintain health with recovery drinks
It is very hot these days. You can’t rest enough after hard work because of sultry nights. Cool breeze from air conditioner makes you feel dull. Thinking of gaining strength, but can’t accept heavy foods.

If you feel that you will be worn-out physically and mentally toward late summer, please have nutritional support from recovery drinks. They are easy to drink, but you need to be careful about some points. Today, I will introduce some recipes of recovery drinks and some cautions about them.

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7 ways to recover by sleeping with earplugs

7 ways to recover by sleeping with earplugs
Can you sleep well everyday? If you don’t feel like not sleeping well, or your body is not refreshed, do you know “earplugs”? You may think they are to use when swimming, but they are becoming gradually popular to use for good sleep quality. What are their effects? Here are 7 ways to improve your recovery of body and mental using earplugs.

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9 Must-know ways about depression recovery

Must-know about depression. 9 ways of thinking for recovery
Depression is said as “a cold of mind”. The structure of modern society easily accumulates stresses. You may feel you are OK, but might realize one day that you can’t do anything.

Depression is more understood and seen differently in society these days, but the person suffering experience hard times. We need to recognize that everyone have possibility to suffer depression. Now, what should we know to recover from depression?

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7 ways to spend comfortable autumn using yin yang

7 ways to live confortable "autumn" with yin and yang
This is the 4th part of the series “7 ways to spend comfortably using yin yang”, autumn.


There are many things in contrast.

For example,

Man and woman

Sun and moon

Night and day

Right and left

Live and death, etc…


These contrasts are considers as dark and light, called yin yang (and yang is to the left and yin is to the right in the diagram above). What is most important is the balance of yin and yang, and it is the old wisdom of the Orient that we can live calmly and healthy by being aware of yin yang.

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7 tips to spend summer comfortably by using yin & yang

 7 tips to spend summer comfortably by using yin & yang
7 tips to spend summer comfortably by taking advantage of yin and yang

Tips to live comfortably Vol.3.
We will focus on the summer in this article.

Everything that exists in this world is contrary to something. For example, there are men and women, the sun and moon, morning and night, stillness and movement, and life and death. These are considered as yin and yang. (Yang is represented on the left of the picture above and yin on the right.) It is important to keep this balance in order to live in peace and harmony. This theory is the concept in Oriental Medicine.
In order to spend your summer comfortably, here are 7 tips by using yin and yang.

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