How to attract happiness

7 ways to attract a right person to marry

Two people are attached by a red string. They started to be interested in each other and love grew between them. Then, the feeling grew and they lived happily...
How to heal the mind

Medicine for heart break☆Quotes heal bruised feelings

People fall in love and people break their heart. The deeper you love someone the more you are filled with love. However, the deeper you love the more your he...
How to heal the mind

World Heartbreak Quotes Heal Bruised Feelings

Heartbreak fills you with complicated emotions. I was suffering from a sense of loss and crying all day long when I broke with my ex-lover. Some people can ke...
How to make good communication and human relations

7ways for good work place by communication skill up

We spend so much time at work place so work place should be comfortable. However, many workers have some problems like fussy boss, having junior worried about...
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