You should know 7 effects and nutrition of eggplant

You should know 7 effects and nutrition of eggplant
Eggplant is summer vegetable, but there are a lot of eggplants. Small eggplant, Kaga eggplant, Japanese eggplant and more. We thought that we can eat eggplant all year long recently, but it made from Edo by using old style.

The first eggplant is very expensive, so you can get luck if you see it in your first dream of a year. It was eaten since Edo, and it has a lot of effects. [Read more…]

7 cabbage recipes – let’s get good nutrition

7 cabbage recipes – let’s get good nutrition
Cabbage is available all year round. It is great eaten raw or cooked, and also it is healthy food.

During the period of Ancient Greece and Rome, cabbage was used as a medical herb rather than eaten as a vegetable. It was brought to Japan in the Edo period, and it has been eaten at home since the end of the Second World War.

There are spring cabbage (April to June), summer cabbage (July to October) and winter cabbage (November to march), and there are differences between them. For example, spring cabbage has a soft texture so that it can be eaten raw. On the other hand, winter cabbage has tough leaves, so it can be suitable for cooking.

Red cabbage is often eaten raw. The purple colour in red cabbage comes from anthocyanin which acts as antioxidant. And savoy cabbage can be eaten cooked as it is tough and fibrous, and green ball cabbage has soft thick vivid green leaves.

Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C, containing 41mg per 100g. In order to take recommended daily intake, you can simply eat 250g of cabbage. A handful of shredded cabbage is about 100g, so it is easy to have daily intake.

In addition, vitamin c can help heal gastric mucosa and cure stomach ulcers. Cabbage also contains calcium and vitamin K which controls calcium, so that it can be osteoporosis prevention. And dietary fibre is effective for constipation and detoxing.

Recently, studies have shown that the isothiocyanates of cabbage can help protect against cancer.

This article will introduce some cabbage recipes. There are many recipes as cabbage is a very versatile vegetable. Here are easy and medium difficulty recipes.

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