7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body

7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body
Do you know what kinds of skin care products made of oil is the best? Don’t you use a skin care product gentle to the skin? It seems that people have good image of natural oils to the skin such as animal oils and vegetable oils and bad image of mineral oils to the skin because they think the oils have bad effects on the skin like pigmentation. But it could be wrong.

In the old days, petroleum refining technique was immature and impurities in the oils could cause the problem. The technology progressed, the quality of the oils improved. So mineral oils are needless to say harmless and have a moisture retention effect more than natural oils.

Representative mineral oil is petroleum jelly. It is used not only for skin care products but also for remedy for dermatitis. Compared with old days, mineral oils are gentle to the skin because of the refining technique improvement.

I will introduce mineral oil skin care products that are gentle to the skin for people who have a bad image of mineral oils.

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