Motivation: 7 Methods The Way You Can Be Motivated

Motivation: 7 Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated
“I will do it!”You said but….. there are a wall of “motivation”to see somehow when you want to challenge something.

We have intention and feelings.

The feeling is depends on a bad or good event  in everyday life.

“100% I always have a mind to do!” It is impossible to be like that everyday.

・Though work never goes well. I have perfect motivation!

・My fiance kick me out, but eat dinner with friends with big smile.

・A relative had an accident. Ok, I do study today, too!

If there is a person like that, it is so strange isn’t it?

Then why will there are such a person who always see with full of a motivation and this person handling work energetically?

The answer is simple. Such a person only knows the method to control a motivation.

Therefore I talk about seven methods to control a motivation today. [Read more…]