Stop a dry scalp right now! 7 habits for soft scalp

Stop a dry scalp right now! There are 7 habits for soft scalp
Essentially, itch or white stuffs have image that people don’t wash their hair. However, in fact, even if they wash their hair with surety, they might have itch or white stuffs in their hair. And then, the cause of that is ‘dry’ scalp.

When a scalp is dry, slough off from the surface of skin because of crack, and then white stuffs stick to hair or itch for scalp. Moreover, it is also the cause for combing. And most scary thing is the face look older because of dry scalp.

Scalp and face is connecting with skin, so if scalp is dry, it is a cause of dry for skin of face and sag.

So, why scalp is dry? The causes are hiding our habits of daily life, surprisingly. We can say that change the habits preventing dry scalp and look older face.

In this article, we introduce about how to prevent of dry scalp, and 7 habits for making soft scalp. Somehow, a head is itchy recently, too much combing, there are some white stuffs… People like that, you guys have to check this article for your healthy scalp!
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7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell

7 great foods to get rid of sweaty smell
99% of sweat is water. The salty taste of sweat comes from 1% of impure substance. Since only 1% tastes that strong, it’s understandable that the smell would be stronger if you sweat a lot.
People sweat unexpectedly and they can’t stop it by themselves, so it’s important to get rid of the smell.
You can’t have a smooth communication with others if you are sweaty.
Try not to be “sweaty person” by sweating healthfully.

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9 sad reasons people’re away from the sweaty

9 sad reasons why people keep away from sweaty people
Preventions for sweaty smell are improved, but they are not perfect.

In society like Japan, where being odorless seems to be normal, sweaty smell is very bothering matter. Smell prevents your personal relationships. When thinking about people of opposite sex, you need to be more careful.

Here are 9 sad reasons why people keep distance from you because of sweaty smell.

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9 ways you should try to prevent body odor

9 things you should try to prevent body odor
As we get older, we release body odor specific to older people.

Young people call it the smell of old man, but men might feel it is unfair because this odor is released by both men and women. However, women are likely to be taking care of appearances and body smell than men, so their body odors don’t stand out. Why?

It is because body odor caused by aging can be decreased or prevented with some extra cares.

Followings are ways to prevent body odor. You can try them as etiquette or manners rather than precautions.

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9 reasons why cure body odor is possible

9 reasons possible to get off the causes of body odor
Body odor is not the disease that cannot be cured. You can make measures to it if you understand even the cause properly. It is possible to experience an improvement with a personal effort. Even if it is seriously severe, you can ease it with your personal effort, and consult a specialist and can be treated as the last means.

At first, please read this article without worrying.

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