7 methods of muscle training needed for marathon

7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon
Recently more and more people ran a marathon. The local marathon is a great success with citizen runners. Marathon is seemed a very simple sport; just run a long distance.

Many people may think that just running does not require a special training and may think that workout makes muscle heavy and bother while running.

In fact, muscle training is very important for the marathon. In a marathon you run for long distance if you do not firmly trained, you will get injury or failure. Or you may not finish.

But building unnecessary muscle too much to run could cause bad influence such as suffering from extra load.

For marathon you want muscle that keep you a good posture to run to finish. The muscle training for long distance run let you effective run. Top runners;including MIZUKI NOGUCHI the gold medalist at Athens Olympic Games; try muscle workout.

Let’s see what kind of muscle training you need specifically, show you the effective muscle training for the marathon.
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