A manual to be an attractive man – Appearance

A manual to be an attractive man - Appearance
“Want to be more cool” or “want to be more attractive” are desires of many men. It is often said “heart is more important than appearance for men”, but appearance is important in reality as well. Please don’t mistaken it.

What appearance means here is not how handsome you are, but about “dress and personal maintenance”. It is the basic and a must to maintain yourself clean to be popular among women.

People judge others instantly to some extent, whether they can be good friends or will be interests of love, by how they look. Which do you think is more attractive, clean man or unclean man?

It is obvious. No matter how handsome you are, you can’t be an attractive man if you look unclean. I will tell you some points you should remember about appearances, so please improve yourself to be an attractive man.

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