Stop a dry scalp right now! 7 habits for soft scalp

Stop a dry scalp right now! There are 7 habits for soft scalp
Essentially, itch or white stuffs have image that people don’t wash their hair. However, in fact, even if they wash their hair with surety, they might have itch or white stuffs in their hair. And then, the cause of that is ‘dry’ scalp.

When a scalp is dry, slough off from the surface of skin because of crack, and then white stuffs stick to hair or itch for scalp. Moreover, it is also the cause for combing. And most scary thing is the face look older because of dry scalp.

Scalp and face is connecting with skin, so if scalp is dry, it is a cause of dry for skin of face and sag.

So, why scalp is dry? The causes are hiding our habits of daily life, surprisingly. We can say that change the habits preventing dry scalp and look older face.

In this article, we introduce about how to prevent of dry scalp, and 7 habits for making soft scalp. Somehow, a head is itchy recently, too much combing, there are some white stuffs… People like that, you guys have to check this article for your healthy scalp!
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