7 reasons of zucchini nutrition to prevent lifestyle diseases

7 reasons of zucchini nutrition to prevent lifestyle diseases
Zucchini is like a cucumber, but it is actually types of pumpkin of cucurbitaceous. It is short and dumpy, shape of cucumber, and green color and yellow color. But it is different from cucumbers, people harvest immature fruits in around 3-7 days when flowers blossoms. It is definitely used for ‘ratatouille’ that is stewed with tomatoes of South French cooking.

Its looks and textures are like egg apple, plain tastes with fried in oil. People can see zucchini in a supermarket from early summer, but you don’t know how to cook it, and taste too, then you finally past the booth of zucchini, do you?

Zucchini is very exceptional vegetable that very preventive for lifestyle diseases. Causes of lifestyle diseases are obesity, high-blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. These cases are from unhealthy food style, so we need to be careful about our food style for lifestyle diseases as a daily basis.

Zucchini is very low calories, and it also has beta‐carotene that has anti-oxidative effect, vitamin C, potassium (kalium) that type of mineral maintains of body function, folic acid, vitamin K, and Calcium. And now, we will describe 7 reasons about zucchini nutrition to prevent lifestyle diseases.

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