3 ways to find motivation to accomplish your goals

3 ways to find motivation to accomplish your goals

I want to pump myself up! I need some motivation!
Even though you know in your heart that you need to increase your motivation, it can be quite hard sometimes to do it. This is because you may while away or be too preoccupied with something to concentrate on what you need to do.

Here are some tips to break this kind of habit, such as having a short attention span or feeling demotivated, as well as to find motivation in order to achieve your goals. [Read more…]

9 habits to become the quick-witted

The 9 habits to become the quick-witted and train our brains

Being funny, taking time to calculate, being not able to remember new things, repeat a same mistake…

The slow-witted had such problems, while the quick-witted doesn’t. That’s why we want to be quick-witted people.


Then how do we train our brain or is it possible?!

In fact, we can be so quick-witted as to train our brains; possible to solve some problem with the training.


Now, I will introduce you the 9 habits in order to train our brain and to become quick-witted. [Read more…]

“Be confident” Makes Your Life In Trouble


“Be confident” Makes Your Life In Trouble“Hey, Be  confident” I guess lot of people are said by boss, friends or senior. Then everyone thinks”Ok, I will do it!”Could’t you really be confidence by that?There are such words of poet Mitsuo Aida.

“Only be conceit, not be confident. Oh, be ashamed be ashamed”

If you got be confidence forcibly, it is just conceit.  Therefore you should like yourself rather than you have confidence. I talk about the method for that.

[Read more…]

Retribution: 3 Steps How Your Life Gets Better

There is the word retribution. Retribution means that “punishment that is considered to be morally right and  fully deserved.” The life is very mysterious if people do a bad act, there is a bad reward, if people do a good act, there is a good reward.

Retribution: 3 Steps How Your Life Gets BetterIf you haven’t succeeded business or made good human relations, it might be cause by retribution. Yourself come to be the same all too soon so far if you communicate with people who always criticize others and complain all the time. Also when things do not go well, it is a basic causes.

So today we will share this topic. [Read more…]

The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Read & See Why Good To Be

The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Read & See Why Good To Be

A lot of people say“The Early Bird Gets The Worm”, but don’t you think “Is it really the true?”

In fact, it is the truth.

CEO, top managers artists and creators all successes are based on early rising. There are value and benefit that you can not be replaced in the money.

Firstly, early rising get rid of darkness in your mind. Also it gives you a lot of imaginations. I will let you know 2 biggest worms for early birds. [Read more…]