7 approaches to use height difference

7 approaches to level troublesome height difference
Because I do not want to hurt the pride of a short boyfriend, a heel does not drain when I am with a boyfriend; … … I am worried about a height difference and cannot talk to. Many people have such a trouble.

When there is a height difference, I am worried about the public eye and may surely hesitate to be together. Because I exceeded 170cm tall, I had more trouble than the others. However, this trouble has dissolved since I found a method to level height difference.

I want to introduce “7 approaches to level troublesome height difference” from now on. Please refer to the one if you have a similar trouble.

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7 ways of idea shift for height difference

7 ways of idea shift when height difference troubled me
Do you have height difference with your bf? And don’t you say you don’t care height difference and you date with him because you love his personality or his good points?

It’s fact that there’re more women who is tall than before and it’s good you don’t care about looking. However, still couple of taller bf than his gf is majority and smaller bf is conspicious.

Maybe your bf has the complex that he is small than others think, doesn’t he?. But I know you like him, I’ll tell you how that can be considered as a positive height difference.

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9 ways to make height difference advantages

9 ways to change height difference to advantages
Height difference of couple is not always with short woman and tall man, but it can be opposite.

I would like to introduce ways to change disadvantages of height difference to advantages. First of all, what disadvantages are there? Depends on who is shorter, disadvantages differs.

What is true to everyone is “need to look up or bend down to talk, and suffer hard postures”, “difficult to kiss while standing”, or “looks imbalanced when both are standing aside”. If a man is shorter, a woman may hesitate to wear high-heeled shoes.

However, these disadvantages can be changed to advantages once you change your point of view.

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