Method of increasing the motivation

7 mind techniques from success philosophy

What makes a difference between success and failure? It is a level of awareness toward success. Here are the ways to bring success with the way of your attitude.
Method to achieve an aim

5 elements essential to your successful achieving goals

How many did you get in such achieving goals as "I want to become..." or "It should become ..."? It is 10% or 20% at best. Today we tell the methods to remarkably up the ratio.
A method to give a motivation

9 gestures for taking advantage to improve

Sophisticated people seem to act smart. Whether you are sophisticated or not depends on your gestures. Here are 9 habits you should learn to improve yourself.
How to make good communication and human relations

7 ways to learn life energy by aura color

Knowing about aura increases possibilities of improvement and it can change your life better. Here are about aura colors and ways to progress yourself.
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