Method of increasing the motivation

7 mind techniques from success philosophy

Nobody wants to fail, but some people make success while others can’t, even with similar ability. What makes a difference? The answer is a level of awarene...
Method to achieve an aim

5 elements essential to your successful achieving goals

How many did you get in such achieving goals as "I want to become..." or "It should become ..." so far? I think it is surely 10% or 20% ay best. Today I will...
A method to give a motivation

9 gestures for taking advantage to improve

Don’t you think you want to be well-organized with your work and trusted by your boss and colleagues? Sophisticated people seem to act smart. It’s too early t...
How to make good communication and human relations

7 ways to learn life energy by aura color

The word “aura” is widely promoted by media recently, so everyone might have heard of it. We use expressions like “that person has aura” or “has unique aura”,...
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