There’re 7 ways to keep food longer at your home

There’re 7 ways to keep food longer at your home
Have you ever heard water activity? You might not hear about it. Water activity is a proportion of water that microorganism can use water to increase themselves. It depends on water activity about movement of microorganism, and it is avoided to increase them when water activity decreases.

It can’t breed if the number of water activity goes under 0.5. Also, there are lots of molds that can’t breed themselves when the number of water activity goes lower. It might be able to keep food longer if you understand these systems.

There are some ways to decrease water activity, and those are to get lose water for dry, and let water to bond water with using sugar and salt. Today, we’ll introduce 7 ways to keep food longer at your home.
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For a Party! 10 Good Foods for the Liver

Check It Out for a Party Season! 10 Good Foods for the Liver
In daily life, you probably have some occasions that you go for a drink with your close friends, colleagues, etc.  Especially in a party season, series of events like welcome party, farewell party, or year-end party would make you end up drinking too much.

The filtering system in your body is, as you know, the “liver.”  The liver is a vital organ that sits in the upper right portion of the abdomen protected by the rib cage.  The liver is often called the “chemical factory” of the human body due to its variety of functions.

Primary functions of the liver are:  “detoxification” of toxic substances in the body; “metabolism” converting nutrients absorbed into the body into biochemical form that can be used within the body; and “production of bile” necessary for digesting and absorbing fats.

“Detoxification” is the function activated when a person consumes alcohol.  The ingested alcohol is carried to the liver, where it is broken down to a toxic byproduct “acetaldehyde.”  Generally, the acetaldehyde is further broken down into water and carbon dioxide, and then, eliminated from the body.  With excessive consumption of alcohol, however, acetaldehyde will not be broken down and will accumulate within the liver, which is said causes liver diseases.

Still, maybe there are some events like a business party which you have to join.  Then, what is effective to protect your liver is, “taking good foods for your liver.”  Amongst the foods we usually eat, there are many that contain nutrients to assist the liver’s function.

Check the following “10 best foods for the liver.”  It would be a good reference for those you who have a series of drinking events lately.

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Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth

Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth
The hair growth is to grow hair understanding the cause of thin hair unlike sprouting hair. There are several methods of the hair growth, but it is based on improving your lifestyle.

By doing it that way the effect of the hair growth is given and you understand whether you need the treatment for sprouting hair in some cases.

Avoid lack of sleep, excessive stress, smoking and so on. The hair growth becomes difficult if the scalp becomes hard. And the improvement from the body is expected by having well-balanced foods.

You should know what the foods are effective for hair growth and have them proactively. However it is necessary to take care that there is something careful to take in too much among them.

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7 great food to suppress sweat smell

7 great food you should eat to suppress sweat smell
Very reliable warrior for no more sweat odor and body odor is here!

What you eat will be digested and become vitality in the body, and a large amount of energy is produced in the digestion, it also increases the body temperature because organ is working actively for digestion. In the body under the digestion, at the same time active oxygen is born. It has been confirmed that this active oxygen causes our body aging and disease.

Sweat odor and body odor smell out when body temperature rose. By ingesting food that suppresses active oxygen, prevent rust of the body, sweat and smell that exit as waste when temperature rises from the cells from all around the body! There is a food like the warrior that will change to good smell sweat from bad one with anti-oxidation effect.

By having food that energy consumption is less with anti-oxidation effect, will reduce the trouble being careful for not raising the body temperature.

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7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

Here! 7 practical dietary habits to prevent body odor
Body odor is called an “old man smell.” Anyone gives out it regardless of gender from around the age of 40. Despite the matter of age, many people may want to do something. Even in the same middle-aged people, some people give out strong odor but others do not do it too much. What is the difference between the two? Although it depends on the constitution of your own, it does on your lifestyle, mostly dietary habits.

The cause of body odor is the sebum and the active oxygen increased by aging. The active oxygen produces oxidation of the sebum and it causes body odor. The secretions of sebum and active oxygen are greatly influenced by foods. That is, you should improve dietary habits to prevent body odor. Therefore, today I will tell you 7 practical improvement dietary habits that you can execute even right now.

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