7 ways to off forehead acne in 3 weeks

7 ways to fight off forehead acnes in 3 weeks
Why do we get acnes? Acne is one of the skin disorders.

Irritation is caused by imbalance of hormones and clogging of pores by interaction between bacteria and sebum. Therefore acnes are popular for people of ages with excessive sebaceous secretion. Especially area called “T-zone”, from bridge of the nose to around eyebrows, and forehead, secretes excess sebum. Forehead acnes were said as one of the symbols of adolescence from old times, but it is a problem regardless of gender.

Acnes are caused by oxidation of sebum that clogs pores. Acnes with clogged pores are called white acnes and with open pores are called black acnes. When the symptom gets worse, pores suffer irritation and turn to red acnes with pus. Red acnes are accompanied by pain and leaves big damage to skin. As you can see, acnes develop along with several symptoms. With proper treatment, however, it is possible to return to normal skin condition. Try to think about ways of improvement and prevention first.

Here, I will introduce ways to treat forehead acnes in 3 weeks.

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