9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure

9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure
The fatty liver is the liver with neutral fat and cholesterol inside. Normally, fat from food is broken down into fatty acids in the small bowel, and sent to the liver. But if you take too much sugar or fat, there will be more fatty acids which is sent to the small bowel, and the neutral fat made from fatty acids in the liver will stay there.

The health liver has 3-5% of fat, but the fatty liver has more than 5%. You can cure it by improving your lifestyle. But if you are not successful, you must have bad habits for fatty liver cure. Let’s check if you do.

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Fatty liver diet! No good you miss body signals

Attentive to fatty liver diet! No good you miss body signals.
Have you ever heard of the word fatty liver? You may think fatty liver is foie gras.

The fatty liver is , as its words, the disease of accumulation of neutral fat in liver cell. In Japan the number of people with fatty liver has been increasing from in 1980 rapidly.

The symptom of fatty liver is hard to notice. If you don’t take any care of the symptom, you will have liver dysfunction. It is found that the liver dysfunction causes Hepatitis cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The primary cause of obesity is too much eating or lot of alcohol. Do you think you eat too much these days or you feel yourself different than usual?

It can be the cause of fatty liver. Today show you the 7 fatty liver signals your body giving.
Fatty liver diet! No good you miss body signals.
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7 steps How to treat fatty liver before late

7steps How to Treat Fatty Liver in 90days before Late
Patients with fatty liver often have no subjective symptoms. If you will find something wrong with liver in a check-up, you should deal with it immediately even if you are busy. If you would leave it untreated, it would cause cirrhosis of the liver.

Although, this applies to almost all kinds of diseases, initial stage of diseases is easier to improve.
It may seem like I’m repeating myself.  It is important to care about the liver and the earlier, the better.

Let me introduce 7 steps how to treat fatty liver in three months before it is too late.
I’d be pleased if you‘d be interested in them and read through the articles and take up.

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