Method to change oneself

9 ways for slim arms without liposuction

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce easy exercises to make arms slim, without arm liposuction. As it gets warm, you will have more chances to dress ski...
Method to change oneself

7 how to have slim legs, everyone can do

Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce ways to make legs slim. They are unexpectedly unknown. In spring, we want to look good in skirt and shorts. You sho...
Method to change oneself

Catch boy’s eyes! 9 points about how to get skinny calves

Do you know the part of girls that boys really like? In a magazine, they asked 200 boys about where the most like part of girl’s body. And it is ‘calves.’ Boy...
How to attract happiness

7 methods of muscle training needed for marathon

Recently more and more people ran a marathon. The local marathon is a great success with citizen runners. Marathon is seemed a very simple sport; just run a l...
A method to give a motivation

7 Special Warm-up Exercises for Better Running Effects

Recently, the number of people who start running for fitness and wellness are growing.  Especially increasing are female runners.  For those fashion-sensitive...
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