7 Special Warm-up Exercises for Better Running Effects

7 Special Warm-up Exercises for Better Running Effects
Recently, the number of people who start running for fitness and wellness are growing.  Especially increasing are female runners.  For those fashion-sensitive female runners, there are many style-conscious running clothes and shoes on sale.

Running is a type of cardiovascular, which is expected to offer many benefits such as promotion of weight loss due to fat-burning, improvement of stiff shoulders and poor blood flow due to promoting blood circulation, and skin-beautifying due to improving metabolisms.

To start running all you need is a pair of shoes.  Yet, for better running effects, you need warm-up that has good effects not only on injury avoidance but also on upgrading running effects by warming your body.

Now, let’s learn how warm-up upgrades running effects.
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7 methods of muscle training needed for marathon

7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon
Recently more and more people ran a marathon. The local marathon is a great success with citizen runners. Marathon is seemed a very simple sport; just run a long distance.

Many people may think that just running does not require a special training and may think that workout makes muscle heavy and bother while running.

In fact, muscle training is very important for the marathon. In a marathon you run for long distance if you do not firmly trained, you will get injury or failure. Or you may not finish.

But building unnecessary muscle too much to run could cause bad influence such as suffering from extra load.

For marathon you want muscle that keep you a good posture to run to finish. The muscle training for long distance run let you effective run. Top runners;including MIZUKI NOGUCHI the gold medalist at Athens Olympic Games; try muscle workout.

Let’s see what kind of muscle training you need specifically, show you the effective muscle training for the marathon.
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Catch boy’s eyes! 9 points about how to get skinny calves

Catch boy’s eyes! 9 points about how to get skinny calves
Do you know the part of girls that boys really like? In a magazine, they asked 200 boys about where the most like part of girl’s body. And it is ‘calves.’ Boys likes ‘ not only skinny, beautiful and softly one is great.’ But calves are mast difficult part to get skinny.

Especially calves are far from heart, and blood cycle is not good so it might be caused about muscle fatigue. We have a lot of problems of calves, but boys are looking at your calves! So we must get beautiful calves to catch boy’s eyes! We will introduce 9 points about how to get skinny calves.

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9 ways for slim arms without liposuction

9 ways to make arms surprisingly slim without arm liposuction
Hello everyone. I would like to introduce easy exercises to make arms slim, without arm liposuction.
As it gets warm, you will have more chances to dress skimpily. You want to look good in short sleeves and sleeveless shirts. Please prepare form now.

All exercises here are easy, so please try and have slim arms before summer.

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7 how to have slim legs, everyone can do

How to have slim legs in 7 ways everyone can do
Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce ways to make legs slim. They are unexpectedly unknown.

In spring, we want to look good in skirt and shorts. You should prepare from now. Ways I introduce today don’t require hard and tiring exercises.

I’ve selected ways you can easily do everyday. Let’s take a look one by one.

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