7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

Here! 7 practical dietary habits to prevent body odor
Body odor is called an “old man smell.” Anyone gives out it regardless of gender from around the age of 40. Despite the matter of age, many people may want to do something. Even in the same middle-aged people, some people give out strong odor but others do not do it too much. What is the difference between the two? Although it depends on the constitution of your own, it does on your lifestyle, mostly dietary habits.

The cause of body odor is the sebum and the active oxygen increased by aging. The active oxygen produces oxidation of the sebum and it causes body odor. The secretions of sebum and active oxygen are greatly influenced by foods. That is, you should improve dietary habits to prevent body odor. Therefore, today I will tell you 7 practical improvement dietary habits that you can execute even right now.

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