Constipation and nausea are related! 7 ways to resolve it

Constipation and nausea are related! 7 ways to resolve it

Cases of constipation are pain of lower abdomen, a feeling of fullness of lower abdomen, and some people get nausea. You need to resolve it if you get constipation and nausea at the same time. Constipation is that stool stuck in bowel. If you eat food with this situation, food is in bowel for a long time and you get nausea.

Also, stool become corrupt in bowel and there are full of bad smell gas in your body. Nausea of constipation is not resolution if you take medicine of nausea. You need to resolve constipation for this nausea. If the constipation is keeping staying in your body, you might get terrible disease so you need to resolve constipation.

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7 reasons how peach makes women more beautiful

7 reasons how peach makes women more beautiful

The sweet smell, the pink color, the soft mousefeel, the shape like heart. And the “Momo-no-sekku” ( the girl’s festival in Japan, ) has the name of momo, which means “peach” in Japanese.When you think about peach, you may imagine that there is the sweet smell of it even if there’s no peach around you. Sometimes it makes you calm and happy.

In fact, peach has the feature like that. Also, it has some beauty benefits. That’s how peach can be helpful for women.Summer, July and August, is the season of peach. Let’s be more beautiful and happy to learn the nutrition or peach effects.
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9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to know

9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to knowStress, ultraviolet rays and fatigue cause toxins in your body.

Human naturally discharge these toxins to the outside of the body thanks to organ with detoxification function.

However, when lifestyle like diet is disturbed, this system doesn’t work well. So the toxin remains in the body and takes adversely affect.

Recently detox is so common.
Detox is discharging toxins outside of your body and make your body healthy.

When thinking about detox, one of the important thing is food.
First of all, you should refrain from eating the food that contains a lot of food additives.
That is the way you don’t take toxins as much as possible.

However, it’s hard for you to be so nervous that you will not take any toxins.

You can disturb toxins that you took inevitable.

Incorporating the ingredients to encourage the discharge of toxins in food, and become a healthy.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients to enhance the detoxification effect.

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7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition

7 ways to improve your health condition with plenty nutrition of Okra

Okra is a summer seasonal vegetable.

Speaking of Okra,it is famous as food for stamina and stickey.
You can find Okra at the supermarket all year around, but the season is from July to September of summer.

Origin of Okra is Africa, so its cultivated in warm climates.
Kochi and Okinawa are the main production areas.

Okra contains Pectin, mucin, β-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C, minerals (potassium, calcium),and iron.

The effects can be expected by taking Okra are protection and intestinal action of the gastrointestinal mucosa,
Summer heat prevention, constipation prevention, diarrhea prevention,
Tonic promotion, and promoting digestion.

Okra improves your health problem in many ways.

In this article, we’ll introduce 7 ways to improve your health condition by taking plenty nutrition of Okra.

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You should know 7 effects and nutrition of eggplant

You should know 7 effects and nutrition of eggplant

Eggplant is summer vegetable, but there are a lot of eggplants. Small eggplant, Kaga eggplant, Japanese eggplant and more. We thought that we can eat eggplant all year long recently, but it made from Edo by using old style.

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