Method to change oneself

9 ways to slim legs in 3 weeks easily

“Swelling” and unable to eliminate waste from body will make your leg fat. It means, if you solve these two problems, you can have slim legs. Here are how.
How to heal the mind

7 cabbage recipes – let’s get good nutrition

Cabbage is available all year round and very healthy food. Dietary fibre is effective for constipation and detoxification. Here are some cabbage recipes.
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6 detox-effective foods you can eat everyday

As Chinese old saying, what you eat every day makes you healthy, or ill. If we can choose what we eat, it should be high detox-effective foods.
Method to change oneself

6 quick detox recipes with Japanese foods

Are you interested in detox? And are you interested in Japanese foods? If you say yes to both questions, you can kill two birds with one stone.
How fatigue recovery, get well

For a Party! 10 Good Foods for the Liver

You often end up overdrinking? Try good foods for your liver. Here are “10 best foods for the liver.” You, who have a series of drinking events going on, try these.
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Do you know barley tea benefits? 7 Great benefits of barley tea

Barley tea we drink casually is very tasty, if it's cool. Recent study found that Barley tea has variety of benefits. There're 7 amazing Barley tea benefits.
Method to change oneself

Effective tea to detox & 7 Ways to enhance the effect

Some of tea to drink every day, there are some of the detox effect. If you choose what kind of tea, let's see what can be effectively detox.
Method to change oneself

Relax and detoxify with 7 recommended detox teas

When we are tired or frustrated, we want to drink tea. If so, let's refresh by drinking detox tea which can relax us and detoxify body waste.
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7 Reasons to incorporate the coffee diet

Do you have any image in the coffee? If you are not good at coffee , it isn't good. But according to various research results, surprising power of coffee is proven.
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Eliminate edema with burdock with efficacies

Do you know that the variety of tea is popular? Burdock tea has many happy efficacy for women. We will introduce about its efficacy.
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Rethink breast milk! 9 points to avoid constipation of newborns

We should take care of condition of newborns especially ‘constipation.’ Think about ways to avoid constipation with breast milk.
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Housewife must see! 10 Detox food for dinner

Don't you fell your metabolism year after year,and too hard to lose weight? These food has other effect such as prevention of adult diseases and beautiful skin effect.
Method to change oneself

7 reasons how peach makes women more beautiful

When you think about peach, you may imagine that there is the sweet smell of it. You can be more beautiful if you know how the nutrition affects you in several ways.
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9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to know

Stress, ultraviolet rays and fatigue cause toxins in your body. That is the way you don't take toxins as much as possible.
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7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition

Okra is a summer seasonal vegetable. In this article, we'll introduce 7 ways to improve your health condition by taking plenty nutrition of Okra.
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You should know 7 effects and nutrition of eggplant

Summer vegetable ‘Eggplant.’ It has a log history from Edo?! We’ll introduce about nutrition and effects of eggplants.
Method to change oneself

Constipation and nausea are related! 7 ways to resolve it

One of constipation is nausea. Nausea of constipation is not resolution if you take medicine of it. We will introduce 7 ways to resolve some cases of constipation.
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