9 dangers for the bad breath in children

Nine dangerous reasons for the bad breath in children
Have you heard the word “personal space” somewhere?  Any kind of animal has that kind of space, which makes them nervous when broken into by somebody. For example, Perching on an electric wire, each sparrow is seen to line up.

That is the personal space of the sparrow. The personal space of human beings is said to be the distance of 30cm. The close relations between parents and children is the distance of 0cm. Such a close distance makes parents worried about the bad breath in children.

You wonder whether your children don’t brush their teeth well or whether their stomach is bad. “I think that the time for toothbrush is too short. You have to brush each tooth carefully.” That is only what you say and you leave them alone, don’t you.

In fact, “The bad breath in children” will be worse if you keep it as it is. Therefore I want to tell you nine dangerous reasons for the bad breath in children today.

To remove a cause of the bad breath even a little is the first step to improve the bad breath. I wish these would be useful.

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