Method of increasing the concentration

5 ways to use motivation to increase your concentration

Sometimes we are highly motivated, but sometimes not. Motivation is the key to success so it should be used effectively. Here are practical ways to use motivation.
Open up cakra; healing

7 chakras to open doors, 9 ways to bring out ability

Do you know humans have 7 chakras? Or do you even know what chakras are? Some might have heard of it from yoga or Ayurveda, chakra is “the gateway” of your energy.
Method of increasing the concentration

7 tips for better concentration for study

“Efficiency” is a key to our lives as we are too busy catching up with latest information. So acquire concentration and increase efficiency of studying by 7 tips.
A method to give a motivation

Overcome trouble with motivation by 5 ways

We face difficulties and have hard times, but we need to endure. Effort is always followed by reward. So here are the ways to overcome difficulties with motivation.
How to heal the mind

7 ways to get rid of anxiety to make your mind healthy

It is hard to do something important when you feel anxious or demotivated. Here are some ways to get rid of anxiety to make your mind healthy.
Method of increasing the motivation

7 mind techniques from success philosophy

What makes a difference between success and failure? It is a level of awareness toward success. Here are the ways to bring success with the way of your attitude.
A method to give a motivation

Don’t be confused by positive thinking with 7 ways

Did you know that positive thinking can be dangerous? The world is full of information and “which information you select” decides your way of life.
Method to change oneself

9 ways to get rid of mind control and find yourself

Society is with full of information and our minds are affected by many values, thoughts and prejudices. So get rid of social mind control and find your true self.
A method to give a motivation

Make The Next Year Best: 3 things You Can Do From Now

“I want to make next year good”, don't you say that every year? Quite this! I will tell you what you can do till new year day for next year.
A method to give a motivation

Little Warning! Plus Or Minus? It Is Zero In Reality

Warning! It is not good to overdo even if you want to get a motivation. You are restored immediately, even after self-culture seminar. It is what a common story is.
Method to widen your field of vision

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal

Intention and an act called "the refusal” make "Negative loop begins" and "People leaves". Then I explain why it is and how to be brave enough to show you.
A method to give a motivation

Fix Consciousness And Mentality For Your Motivation

Want to have motivation, but lots of people have trouble they can't get. Therefore forget all the know-how topics. Lets talk about helpful tips for make you better.
Method to change oneself

Achieve aim by emotions! 7 ways for future

Your goal can be achieved with emotions! We can’t set a goal without thinking how to achieve it. Without it, any small dream would end up as just “a dream”.
Solution to trouble and problem

7 ways to get solution with logical thinking.

Everyone have anxieties and face troubles in everyday life. For those who struggle to solve problems, here are the ways to solve them easily by logical thinking.
Method of increasing the concentration

9 ways to train concentration for study

Concentration is important. Quality and time for work depends on it, but it is hard to maintain. Here are the ways to control concentration and make progress.
A method to give a motivation

7 thoughts for concentration & motivation

Your motivation depends on how you think, even when you are facing a same problem. I will explain how we should think to keep high concentration and motivation.
How to make good communication and human relations

5 steps to learn behavioural psychology

If you learn behavioural psychology, you can stop worrying about your relationships with others. Let’s build better relationships and enjoy your life.
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