9 reasons to give advice for her comfort

9 reasons why you can comfort someone by giving advice
We all come across various difficulties in life. If we worry alone, it is easy for us to lose our cool. When we worry about something or get stuck, we somewhat know what we should do, however, we sometimes can’t stop worrying as it is hard for us to control our emotions and anger.

So when your friends are worried about something, how should you help them by giving advice? It can be difficult to give advice as you inwardly want to make a good impression on others or try to control your friends.

This may lead to codependent relationships. In other words, it can be like a relationship between a fortune teller and a client. The important thing is that you should care about your friends and give them advice so that they can feel comfortable and think positively.

When you worry about something and want to talk to someone, in general you already have solutions. However, you are uncertain about your answers. That’s why you want to talk to someone. Just keep it mind and try to learn how to give advice in good ways. Also, it is important to respect your friends’ thoughts and make them feel free to talk to you.

Here are some ways to make your friends comfort by giving advice.

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