Method to change oneself

A law of triad. 9 ways to learn logic and change life

What is “triad”? In Buddhism it means “whether good or bad, what comes around goes around”. Here are the ways to change your life by making good use of it.
Method to change oneself

Read! 7 ways to have triad to enjoy life

How many people have you met, listened and spoke to in your life? Through TV, magazines, and internet. Too many to count. Have you experienced triad through them?
Method to change oneself

Goodbye to beliefs!7steps for wider view & better life

Our lives are made up of beliefs, but a life can be ordinary and boring if you stick with it. So here are the ways to challenge new things and change life better.
Method to change oneself

Achieve aim by emotions! 7 ways for future

Your goal can be achieved with emotions! We can’t set a goal without thinking how to achieve it. Without it, any small dream would end up as just “a dream”.
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