7 unfortunate traits of aging body odor

7 Unfortunate Traits of Body Odor Attributed to Aging
Although the word “aging odor” is in common today, it is relatively new boosted by the study issued in 2001 by “Shiseido”  (J Invest Dermatol 116:520-524, 2001)

Shiseido focused on the impression people have without thinking deeply on odor of babies, the young, the middle and elderly people. They found the substance “nonenal” in body odor of aged over 40. Body odor of young people does not contain the substance.
The word aging odor became in common because of the research. People’s vague images linked to the research and the word became so pervasive.

Nonenal is the substance produced in the process that reactive oxygen oxidizes and decomposes the unsaturated fatty acid “9-hexadecenoic”.  9-hexadecenoic in sebum increases as growing older.
People tend to regard aging odor as a problem for men. It is true that man’s sebum secretion is larger than that of women so men are liable to have an aging odor but women can have an aging odor.

Aging odor is hated by many people like family but what are traits of people having a hard aging odor?   Let’s see them.

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