Goodbye to beliefs!7steps for wider view & better life

Goodbye to beliefs! 7 steps for wider view and better life
Are you enjoying your life everyday?

Aren’t you thinking,

“Nothing turns out good.”

“Somewhat empty as though working everyday.”

“I don’t know why but days are boring”

“What makes a difference between who can enjoy life and who can’t?”

 -want to enjoy

-do something fun

-want to challenge new thing

You may have such feelings, but you are putting brakes on your emotions and behaviors.

One of the reasons is your beliefs.

When it comes to actually start doing something, you have your own beliefs and hesitate to challenge such as:

 “I can’t get a good result.”

“I can’t achieve it.”

“It is impossible to me.” 

It is not too much to say that we are living everyday “made up of beliefs” and “surrounded by beliefs”.

However if you stick too much with your beliefs, your life becomes ordinary and boring. So get rid of your beliefs and challenge new things, and enjoy your life. Here are the ways to how. [Read more…]