Open up cakra; healing

7 tips to Open Your Chakra and Care Your Emotion

Do you know what a Chakra is? To open your chakra controls your energy, and keeps you healthy. I’ll give you 7 tips to open your spiritual chakra.
Open up cakra; healing

7 chakras to open doors, 9 ways to bring out ability

Do you know humans have 7 chakras? Or do you even know what chakras are? Some might have heard of it from yoga or Ayurveda, chakra is “the gateway” of your energy.
Open up cakra; healing

7 ways to open up chakra which is in you

Do you know how to open chakras? Or do you know what chakra is? It’s the energy moving in your body. Here are ways to open chakras and bring out the power of sleep.
Open up cakra; healing

How to heal yourself at home by opening your chakras.

It is fundamental to manage yourself in spirituality. This article will show easy healing methods, how to heal yourself at home by opening your chakras.
Open up cakra; healing

Train chakras & become healthy. 5 simple healing tips.

Each chakra has meaning and fortune, and training them improves fortunes and health. Here are ways to train 5 points of chakras by the methods from tantra Buddhism.
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