9 habits to become the quick-witted

The 9 habits to become the quick-witted and train our brains
Being funny, taking time to calculate, being not able to remember new things, repeat a same mistake…

The slow-witted had such problems, while the quick-witted doesn’t. That’s why we want to be quick-witted people.


Then how do we train our brain or is it possible?!

In fact, we can be so quick-witted as to train our brains; possible to solve some problem with the training.


Now, I will introduce you the 9 habits in order to train our brain and to become quick-witted. [Read more…]

5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability

5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability
What image do you have of alpha waves? Many shops sell alpha wave-related goods as stress is an unavoidable part of life in modern society.

What exactly is an alpha wave?

It is a brain wave. Brainwaves are categorised in 4 categories and wave shape, frequency range and intrusion differ from each other. When we are awake, your brain becomes strained and this state is associated with beta waves.

On the other hand, alpha waves occur when we feel relaxed or meditate.

By the way, theta waves occur when something comes into our mind, and delta waves are associated with deep sleep.

An alpha wave is one type of 4 categories them and it is getting popular as it has a positive effect.
I’d like to talk about 5 ways to exploit your alpha waves. An alpha wave occurs when we relax mentally and physically. Even though ways to relax differ from person to person, we can contrive to exploit alpha waves.

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