How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal
According to the article of “The Person Who Reconsider Can Get Over Evolves”, if your glass is full of muddy water, it is impossible to pour new clear mind or ideas.

It have been already full of mind and muddy so it will not change so much.

Also you will think it is just meaningless to do, and you will not accept new feeling or ideas.

It is to be the problem that intention and act called “refusal”.

Firstly I will tell you the result, if you will refuse like that, you will

“stop growing”

“be alone”

“begin negative loops in your life”

You may think why I tell you such a scary thing in sudden.

Then I will explain why it will be like that one step by step and explain how To Be Brave to say no to refusal [Read more…]