9 ways to get rid of mind control and find yourself

9 ways to get rid of mind control and find yourself
When we are born, we are just “as we are”. There is no difference between individuals. Feel as we feel, want as we want, and show natural emotions without any hesitation.

As we grow up and become aware of ourselves, however, we think others are different and make a boundary between them and ourselves. To have self-awareness means to “compare you with others”. We compare many things such as how we look, academic achievements and athletic talents.

“Good looking, smart and athletic person is superior.”

Who decided so?


It is a society we live now that decided it.

As we grow up, we are affected socially and make up our own sense of values.


In modern society, there are full of information and our minds are affected by many values, thoughts and prejudices.

It is, in a way, a social mind control and those who cannot get along with social value lose confidence and positive attitude, or cannot live as they are.


This should not be a reality.

Crumpled 10000 yen bill still has its value. It’s same for people. Get rid of a social mind control and find your true self. [Read more…]