7 unfortunate traits of aging body odor

7 Unfortunate Traits of Body Odor Attributed to Aging
Although the word “aging odor” is in common today, it is relatively new boosted by the study issued in 2001 by “Shiseido”  (J Invest Dermatol 116:520-524, 2001)

Shiseido focused on the impression people have without thinking deeply on odor of babies, the young, the middle and elderly people. They found the substance “nonenal” in body odor of aged over 40. Body odor of young people does not contain the substance.
The word aging odor became in common because of the research. People’s vague images linked to the research and the word became so pervasive.

Nonenal is the substance produced in the process that reactive oxygen oxidizes and decomposes the unsaturated fatty acid “9-hexadecenoic”.  9-hexadecenoic in sebum increases as growing older.
People tend to regard aging odor as a problem for men. It is true that man’s sebum secretion is larger than that of women so men are liable to have an aging odor but women can have an aging odor.

Aging odor is hated by many people like family but what are traits of people having a hard aging odor?   Let’s see them.

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9 ways you should try to prevent body odor

9 things you should try to prevent body odor
As we get older, we release body odor specific to older people.

Young people call it the smell of old man, but men might feel it is unfair because this odor is released by both men and women. However, women are likely to be taking care of appearances and body smell than men, so their body odors don’t stand out. Why?

It is because body odor caused by aging can be decreased or prevented with some extra cares.

Followings are ways to prevent body odor. You can try them as etiquette or manners rather than precautions.

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9 methods to cure body odor knowing causes

9 methods to fight off body odor by getting the causes
You will become anxious as in “I may smell.” not only in the summer but anytime sweating a little since you take notice of body odor.
Can’t you help but undergo surgery so as to resolve such distress and anxiety?

No, we cannot necessarily say so.

The odor of sweat is greatly influenced by your lifestyle. If you do not usually care about cleanliness and deodorant, you come to smell though it is not originally body odor or mild body odor comes to be even severer. On the contrary, you can significantly suppress with improving your lifestyle even if it is body odor. At first if you continue an improved lifestyle for a month, you should get the effect.

Therefore, today I will find out the causes of body odor in an everyday lifestyle and tell 9 methods about how you should improve it.

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7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

Here! 7 practical dietary habits to prevent body odor
Body odor is called an “old man smell.” Anyone gives out it regardless of gender from around the age of 40. Despite the matter of age, many people may want to do something. Even in the same middle-aged people, some people give out strong odor but others do not do it too much. What is the difference between the two? Although it depends on the constitution of your own, it does on your lifestyle, mostly dietary habits.

The cause of body odor is the sebum and the active oxygen increased by aging. The active oxygen produces oxidation of the sebum and it causes body odor. The secretions of sebum and active oxygen are greatly influenced by foods. That is, you should improve dietary habits to prevent body odor. Therefore, today I will tell you 7 practical improvement dietary habits that you can execute even right now.

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9 reasons why cure body odor is possible

9 reasons possible to get off the causes of body odor
Body odor is not the disease that cannot be cured. You can make measures to it if you understand even the cause properly. It is possible to experience an improvement with a personal effort. Even if it is seriously severe, you can ease it with your personal effort, and consult a specialist and can be treated as the last means.

At first, please read this article without worrying.

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